She's a BEAST. Artist Adrienne or Addierawrr

   Hey Lovers I hope that you all are well and inspired. Can I take a moment and share with you what my current mantra for life is?
“Flowing to growth.” As with life and living you have to learn how to adjust your sails and keep moving. The new She’s a BEAST featured woman has done just that and is doing her thing as a creative. Join me in welcoming the beautiful spirit and dope artist Adrienne or as you may have seen her around as Addierawrr.

(photo courtesy of Adrienne)

 Hmm:  Hi Adrienne and thank you for being with me, I’ve been patiently waiting to have you featured. Let’s get started, so who is Addie the artist or as you are affectionately known on Instagram as “Addierawrr?”

Addie: Addie the Artist, is an inspirational artist, designer, creative and mentor. My real name is Adrienne Randle but I begin signing Addie Rawr on all my designs in 2012 and never looked back. 

Hmm:  Within the She’s a BEAST community we talk a lot about support and even the lack of, as a young black woman have you always felt supported within your community?

Addie: I have always been supported within my community. When I first started publicly showing my artwork and designs I received a large amount of backlash because of only creating brown skin women with afros. It was a big issue that I didn't showcase diversity among women. After publicly explaining that all my paintings were self reflections of myself and who I saw myself, a brown skin woman with natural hair.
(photo & artwork by Adrienne.) 

 Hmm: Is the day coming that we no longer have to explain?

Hmm: Your artwork seems very organic, have you always been an artist?
Addie: I've been creating art since I was in grade school. I switched over to photography in high school. When I enrolled in VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) I thought I wanted to be a photojournalist and was going to school for journalism. After learning more about graphic design and how to incorporate my artwork the last semester of high school I changed my major over to creative advertising. I begin selling my artwork in 2013 after I graduated and was unable to find a job. Now I am a full time artist! 

Hmm: You go girl!! So are you from Virginia and still living there?
Addie: I'm originally from Norfolk, Va but currently live in Richmond, Va. 

Hmm:  Your drawings are very relatable to me as a woman, what is the inspiration behind them?

Addie:  I'm inspired by everyday life of black women. The hairstyles, fashion and attitude we embody. I'm very observant when I go out to events. I take note of trends, natural hair styles and just the way women carry themselves. I transform that into artwork.

(photos and artwork courtesy of Adrienne.)

 Hmm:  I am big on social media and that’s where we connected at, how has social media influenced you and your business?

Addie: Social media can make or break a brand. In my case social media is how I got a lot of my exposure. I love Solange. She's magical, creative and all around a breath of fresh air. When her wedding photos went viral all I remember is seeing her outfits and how simple, and elegant they were. I posted my painting inspired by her 3 different wedding dresses without tagging her. My followers actually were the ones who tagged her in hundreds of comments. That sparked her attention and she ended up liking and commenting on the post. That was my first "celebrity" support on social media.

Hmm: Sidenote- girl I would’ve had a huge fan girl moment with Solange, that is my Sistar Soulmate! LOL

Addie: Since then I've been featured on a lot of popular social media pages including Afro Punk's Facebook, XO Necole's website and Instagram and Blavity.  

Hmm:  Do you have any big goals for 2017?

Addie: My biggest goal for this year is to host an event. I want to do a networking/black girl meet up type of event. I talk a lot about black girl magic and how real it is that I would love to host my own event for black women. 

Hmm: Is there anything that you would like the readers to know about you and your work?
Addie: A lot of supporters of my work do not know that every piece is actually me. It's how I see myself either past, present or future tense. A lot of my work reflects things I'm going through but don't know how to put it into words to share with others. I truly live through all my pieces which is why it's so hard for me to sell my originals. I have in my personal collection about 9 originals that I just can't part ways with. They are too close to my heart. 
(photo and artwork courtesy of Adrienne) 

 Hmm:  The staple She’s a BEAST question, what is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Addie: The best advice I've ever received was to stand up for my work and never conform for others. As an artrepreneur (or entrepreneur) we are told we have to change ourselves, our beliefs and passion to be more likable by others.

Hmm:  And of course, where can the readers connect with you and purchases your work from?

Addie: Email : 

IG: @addierawrrr 
Website is 

   Adrienne, you are a gem who is truly living the motto Bold, Stylish & Free. I and my readers wish you much success in all that you do. Thank you for your time and openness for your feature. I hope that you all enjoyed this She’s a BEAST feature, be sure to comment and subscribe to the blog.

Guess what? She's a BEAST has it's on IG page now find it here @TheShesaBeast

Until next time lovers.. Stay Bold, Stylish and Free. 


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