She's a BEAST. The Queen of bags, BagJunki

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 For the Makers in March series, the first woman  I wanted to feature is dynamic in her craft Christina or better known as BagJunki, her passion comes through in her work and I promise after you read her interview you will fall in love with her and her pieces just as fast as I did. Keep reading to get to know the woman behind the bags. 
(Christina, the owner & creator of BagJunki)

hmm: Hi Christina, as we all know a successful business is built with not only a catchy name but also the branding. I am a lover of branding and a good name, how did you come up with BagJunki?

   C: I simply came up with the name “BagJunki” because I am a Bag Fanatic and I just liked how “Junki” sounded, so I merged them together. 

   hmm: So you don’t make any “simple” bags, your prints and styles are very well crafted. What is your inspiration behind the bags? 

   C: Thank You! I never went to school for Textile or anything Fashion related… I am just BIG on feeling the texture of the fabric and I only choose “Eye Popping Prints & Colors." I also like to mix textures together as well that normally would not be seen together.

   hmmDo you have a favorite bag you’ve made?
   C: I have several Favorites:  All of my Patched-Up clutches with the various Patches, All of my Sequin clutches and lastly all of my Glam-Junki clutches with the Paint.

   hmm: What made you decide to make BagJunki into a business?
   C: The first day I opened my Website and I had 10 orders in one day was when I knew I might have something going here. Instagram (social Media) has always been my main source for the outside world and that is how I expanded. Constant customer interaction for my clutches also helped me to take it serious as for a Full-Blown business
   hmm: This goes into my next question because  I got to know your work via Instagram, how has social media influenced you and impacted your business?
   C: Instagram is my ONLY LIFE-LINE… I LOVE it !!! I cannot stress it enough… I have met some really DOPE people there and it has been a great Networking tool for me as it still is currently… Instagram has been so wonderful and just to see others supporting my Business just mean so, so much to me.
(photo courtesy of BagJunki) 

    hmm: Any tips on how to grow your Instagram business?
   C: The main tip that I can give is too simply Post (Advertise) your Business throughout the day.  It is best to test it out, meaning post different times of the day to determine when you get the most interaction from your customers. Lastly, Follow other companies or individuals that you can relate to such as, Bloggers, Fashionistas and Companies.
   hmm: I am also a small business owner also and it has taken me a long time not to take the lack of support from people I know personally. What are your thoughts on this, do you always feel supported and if not how do you remain positive and keep going?
   C: I always feel a lack of support constantly… I have received more support from customers I have never met rather than the ones that I know personally.  It is just the Nature of business. Most people do not like to see their peers strive for their dream so why would they support. I remain positive because I know what I have can be lucrative and its Creative.. So that is what keeps me going
    hmm: Where do you see BagJunki in two years?
    C: I see “Bagjunki” listed in stores as well as an expansion of the Brand, which will be “B.Junki” .. Not quite sure of the expansion yet, but it is coming soon which will be "B.Junki." 

    hmm:  What is something you would like readers to know about you and your brand?
    C: I would LOVE for my readers to know that Bagjunki is a One-Woman show. I do everything from selecting Fabric, Making the Item, Posting on Social Media and lastly to shipping out the items… I only make what I love and would wear and lucky the response for it has been Overwhelming and I appreciate every Supporter of the Brand.

   hmm: I have enjoyed this interview with you Christina, so before we go this has become a staple question in my interviews (lol.) What is the best piece of advice you’ve received and live by?
   C: Do what you LOVE and Do not pay attention to any Negativity and just Create what you feel, they will come.

   Christina, thank you for being apart of the She's a BEAST platform, your passion and love for your business shines through and I wish you all the best. Where can readers connect with you and shop your amazing bags?

(IG) : @ShopBagjunki

I hope that you all feel inspired and to pick up a new hobby and just start to make, who knows what will happen. Be sure to subscribe to the blog for all the latest post and remember
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