She's a BEAST. Christina of Blue Sage Eco Boutique

     Hi Lovers and if you're new to the blog welcome! This month I wanted to feature a few of my favorite makers, these women have created goods that are truly Bold, Stylish & Free. To close out March I have the beautiful Spirit Christina Arenas of Blue-SageBoutique she is not only a maker, she's a mother and an all around amazing woman. Enjoy the interview with her and be sure to connect with her and get some of her love filled candles. 
(photo courtesy of Christina) 
  Hmm: Hi Christina, we met a few months ago we were both vendors at an event admittedly when I came over to your table I fell in love! Your table was gorgeous and then I picked up a candle and that was really the love part. They all smelled so good and they have crystals in the bottom of the jar, talk about good energy! So, how did Blue Sage Eco Boutique,  start and what inspired you to make candles?
CA: Blue Sage Eco Boutique was founded in 2013 in the hopes to connect consumers with quality eco-friendly products.  Working in the personal care industry for many years I realized that there was a disconnect between earth-conscience consumers and the products they use in their day to day lives. Blue Sage Eco Boutique offers quality, eco-friendly clothing and hand-poured candles that promote personal growth, peace and prosperity.  I began making candles because I simply love candles!  I love how they smell as well as how they make me feel.  In my opinion, by way of aromatherapy and holistic well being, a good candle can make any day 10x better
(photo courtesy of Christina) 

Hmm: You briefly mentioned to me that you were into skincare as well and phased it out, can you talk about this? Did skincare come first?
 CA: I managed a salon and spa for a few years and while I was there I learned a lot about the beauty industry as well as product knowledge.  Through that experience I decided to earn my full specialist license (skin, body and nail care).  With that license, business background and experience I moved to the natural products industry and worked for a natural product manufacture as a Education Coordinator for a couple of years.  I truly enjoyed my experience the industry however I wanted to further my education in the environmental sector and earned my M.A. in Global Sustainability with my concentration in Water Sustainability.
Hmm: Usually later in the interview I ask the infamous what advice would you give other women who are starting out, your answer is perfect for this moment...
CA: Be like water – learn how to move with flow and pay attention to opportunities to grow and advance your business.
Hmm: What has been your “I’m proud of myself moment?” 
 CA: This actually just hit me the other day… I became a mom at 19 years old and by the grace of God, determination and support from family and friends I earned a BS in Business Management through the University of Tampa,  a MA in Global Sustainability from the University of South Florida, a full-specialist license, successful business owner, world traveler, while raising two daughters who are in/going to college (my youngest graduates this May and will attend FAMU with her sister).  Like I am proud of myself!  I beat all the odds – I beat all of the negative words that were thrown to me – like I need to twirl on that for a minute J
Hmm: Girl, I am always here for a twirl and you should be beyond proud of yourself! 
Hmm: What is something you wish you had more of as a small business owner? 
Hmm:  Yes don’t we all. Recently we’ve heard a lot about big box stores closing because everyone is shopping online, I love your Instagram page, how has social media influenced your business? 
CA: Considerably!  I do not have an advertising budget therefore I rely heavily on social media.
Hmm: Where do you see Blue Sage Eco Boutique in two years?
 CA: I see Blue Sage products in spas and boutiques across the nation.  I want my brand to nationally known and sought after.

(photos courtesy of Christina)
Hmm:  I have enjoyed our interview Christina, before we go is there anything you would like readers to know about you or Blue Sage Eco Boutique? 
CA: I would like readers to know that every product they purchase impacts our environment in some way.  Every one of us need to be informed consumers and read the ingredients that we put on our bodies, they are just as important as the ingredients we put in our bodies.  Also, choosing to be conscience consumers doesn’t have to be extremely expensive.  It is possible to live a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.
 Hmm: Thank you so much for taking the time out to share your journey with us, where can readers find you and get some of your amazing candles and other specialty items?
 CA: It is best to follow me on: to receive weekly updates on upcoming markets and events.   Online at Blue-SageBoutique

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