She's a BEAST. A Woman & the World pt. 2

      So Lovers, did you enjoy part one of a Woman & the World? Fatima, gave us some really good advice and tips so if you haven't checked it out after you read this interview go back and take a look (make sure you have your pen and paper out!) I am a woman of perspective, so for this feature it was important to me to gather as much information as I could. My next feature is with one of my favorite Cali girls Sutona.
(photo courtesy of Sutona) 

  She has always been a piece of travel inspiration to me, every couple of months you can check her Instagram and see she's living it up in usually another country (I ain't mad!) So to kick off 2017 I asked her for some insight, advice and her overall feelings on traveling. Enjoy the read, be inspired & hopefully we meet across the world.

hmm:  Sutona, I am so happy to have you as a She's a BEAST feature. So how did your traveling begin?

Su: Traveling has always been a part of my life. I damn near was born on a plane. I was born in Atlanta, grew up in California & traveled plenty summers to NJ/NY to spend with my dad’s family. Before the age of 16 I covered over 12 states in the US. By the time I was an adult I went to college in Miami and the rest I’m living currently.

hmm: You travel everywhere, how do you find your destinations?

Su: I’m not really a planner. I kind of wake up one morning look online and book stuff. For the most part I’ll look up deals but if I really want to go somewhere I just GO. I also find the black girl travel blogs on IG helpful. They usually inspire me to look into places I’ve never considered.

(photo courtesy of Sutona)

hmm: What sites do you use for travel?  Airfare, lodging?

Su: I check all the sites LOL., are two of my favs. But you’ll be surprised how many deals are right on Lodging is the easy part. Depends on the type of travel you’re into. Airbnb is clutch. I stayed with a family in Trinidad and it was one of the best experiences EVER! 

hmm: The secret flying site is a popular one, what tips do you have for traveling international?

Su: No tips. JUST DO IT. Every place is different. Research & GO.

hmm:    I told ya'll she is fearless in her travels! So, do you have a favorite place you visited so far?

Su: My favorite place so far has to be Thailand. My business partner & I visited Bangkok and Phuket Islands. Must add it to your travel list if you haven’t already. A very close second would be Barbados… The street parties, the strip clubs, the food…….HELLA FUN!
(photo courtesy of Sutona)

(photo courtesy of Sutona)

hmm:  Nothing seems boring about your trips, beyond inspiring. What’s next on your travel list?

 Su: I’m going on my first solo trip to Cartegena, Columbia next month for my 31st birthday. I cannot wait!!! I’ve heard so many great things about solo travel and cannot wait to check it off my list. Wish me luck!

hmm:  One of my favorite questions for all the  She’s a BEAST features, what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Su: The best advice I ever received and live by today would be to “have a lot of friends”. When you’re apart of several social circles someone is always down. 

  One thing I remember talking with Su about when I was out in San Fransisco was "I don't asking people if I can stay with them." She looked at me like I was crazy, that's what life is about and all the people you meet who come from different walks of life and different places. Since then, when I travel I try to hit up anyone I know in the place I am visiting. 

I want to send a huge thank you to Sutona for this interview & the reminder to just LIVE. Sutona is also 1/2 of the popular podcast Stage 30 all about two women in their 30's trying to figure shit out. Be sure to check it out on iTunes & Soundcloud @Stage30 and tell her Rhonda sent you. 

Be Bold. Be Stylish. Be Free. 

Until next time,