1st weekend recap. The Emotional Cleanse.

   It wasn’t planned, well part of it was. My first week of the New Year (it really has only been a week) I started feeling cluttered, everything in my life is too much and I need to get rid of everything that is just there with no purpose. As the week progressed so did the feeling so Saturday after work, which was an unsual early day for me I headed home and started what needed to be done. I was hype and then I looked at my pile of things over 16 years worth of things in containers, in bags, just there. Immediately I felt overwhelmed, the night before I asked the people on Snapcahat for tips on how to purge and let go, truthfully it didn’t matter what they said, I had to let go for me.

“I didn't know decluttering could bring clarity, the answers to questions I've been asking and help piece together a broken relationship. You couldn't have told me a year ago, shoot last week I would go through over 16 years of things & just let go. When it's time to let go you will know, it's freeing I must say & even a little scary. This had to happen to make room for the next phase of life. A shift has happened.
   My encouragement to you is let go when you're ready, of all the things that no longer serve you only when you're ready though. Piece by piece, let go to grow, let go to find a piece of you that's missing... let go to simply.... let go. Only when you're ready.” – My FB post 

     Two days and piles of things going out later I feel a little lighter, I also felt a little crazy as I sat and got emotional over things and then said “throw it away Rhonda!” I wasn’t playing.

   Yesterday morning I enjoyed breakfast with my family and we had an early movie date to see Hidden Figures. I can’t remember the last time a movie moved me the way this one did, I cried, I laughed and I cried some more. Tarji, Janelle and Octavia did an outstanding job playing the roles of Katherine, Mary and Dorothy the Women of NASA who helped change it all. The film came at such a needed time not only for our society to see that #BlackGirlMagic has been happening and even more so personally. I’ve been getting a lot of answers from questions I’ve had and still have. Hidden Figures is symbolic as a woman, it showed that we are more than just a pretty face, we are brilliant, bold, and unapologetic. UNAPOLOGETIC. That has become the statement of my life, being comfortable in who I am and remaining true to what I believe in and my passions. After the movie I went to the restroom and I cried, I wasn’t sad I was overwhelmed with emotions because I am not in this alone.
         To end the evening, I stayed up for a bit and caught some of the Golden Globes and talk about #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackJoy it was a beautiful moment to watch. With Tracee Ellis Ross winning best actress in a TV series and Viola Davis winning best supporting actress in a motion picture. It’s just all good at the right time, we need all this joy and light with so much going on in the world. I’m thankful to be here, for the affirmations I’ve been needing. Now the new journey begins.

    As we begin this week take a moment to give thanks for your path that has brought you here, even if it hasn’t been always sunny it’s yours. Thank you for being with me on my journey, as life has shifted for me I am more than excited to walk the path.

Stay Bold. Stay Stylish. Stay Free. 

Until next time,