I saved BIG this year!!!!

Hey Lovers! 
     Last December I joined Digit the online savings platform with the hopes that it would really be beneficial to me. I had the idea “out of sight, out of mind” and I thought it would work and IT DID!!! Since December 2015, I have saved $467.86. I’m not going to down play why I am excited about this amount, just in case you aren’t as thrilled let me explain.
 I didn’t have to think about saving any of this money, it was available 2-3 days if I needed to withdraw look how easily and friendly the withdraw process is.  
How come banks can't be this simple? I really didn’t notice when Digit would withdrew money from my account, sometimes it was cents!

So why should you join? If you need to save for any reason, Digit is for you. If you have a savings account already but can’t seem to stop yourself from taking money out, Digit is for you. It sounds to good to be true right? It's really not, I've had friends sign up and say that what Digit saved for them came in handy. Interested in starting a new savings account for 2017? Click Here  to sign up, also once you do for everyone you refer to Digit you get $5.00.

Life isn't always complicated, cheers to a New Year with a new money goal!


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