She's a BEAST. Ashley Canay

     Hey Lovers, as always thank you for reading & being with me on this inspirational journey. Can I be honest? Every time I tell myself I'm going to cut back and focus more on self, I become inspired by the amazing women I meet so of course I can't stop! This week's She's a BEAST feature is one of Tampa's favorite videographers Ms. Ashley Canay, who is coming in to make a statement, you will remember her work as she captures you from the first shot, she'll leave a lasting impression on you. Check out my interview with Ashley and find out how it all started and how you can find her for your future special moments.
Photography by Ashley Morrow

 hmm: Ashley, it is great to have you as a She's a BEAST feature. I met you while we were both working a wedding for Royal Event and Services ( RES ) here in Tampa, you were recording and it felt very organic. Is that the type of environment you try to create one of being organic?

AC: So I searched the word organic because I'd never heard it used in any other context other than food! "Denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole." That sounds about right. I don't like to be a hindrance or make my clients feel uncomfortable. I have a "Run and Gun" type of style so I like to capture things as they are actually happening. Staging is sometimes necessary with posing and whatnot but mainly I like to shoot Documentary style where I am more like the fly on the wall.  

hmm: You do both videography and photography, is your passion videography and photography came naturally with the business? How did you get started?

AC: My love for video is rooted in filmmaking. I started shooting little "movies" with my classmates when I attended Blake High School. My team and I, Emarjay Films, created a few films at the University of Florida and then it just grew from there. I never thought I would get into photography. I was actually turning down business to shoot weddings when I started out. It was just a comfortability thing for me. Eventually, I came around and built up a confidence in myself. I added on photography to my name after  I shot a few smaller gigs.

hmm: We are friends via social media and not too long ago you quit your job to pursue your business fully, can you talk about this, how did it feel and what was the moment when you said “I have to do this?”

AC: I was working at a News Station from 3am-Noon. At the time that I quit I was VERY stressed. Very Tired, worn out, not in a great place spiritually and I mean I wasn't thinking about God as often as I should have. I felt like a zombie! The only way I can describe it is excited/terrified at the same time. It was the BEST life-changing decision I've ever made. So many things have happened that I KNOW God is the ONLY reason I'm still here. I feel so blessed and I try to remember to just STOP and Thank Him!

hmm: I know readers are curious to know, was there any fear when you quit your job?

AC: ABSOLUTELY! Logically, I had just got the job at the news station a year ago. I was making a great steady income. I had just bought a house and used the money I got from shooting weddings as side money to travel and buy nice things. I love NICE THINGS. But the quality of my life had faded.  So I had to make a decision. 

hmm: I mentioned social media, how has it influenced your business?

AC: Social media inspires me to keep creating and come up with new Ideas. I want to get to a place where NONE of my videos look like the other. It's easy to fall into a cookie-cutter pattern with the same shots. I like when people tell me "I love the one where you did xyz"

hmm: This has become a staple question of mine, what is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

AC: Two mentors that I have (Great Photographers) @AquasImages and @DioBurtoPhoto always tell me & push me to just CREATE.  They see something in me that I honestly don't see yet but I REALLY appreciate them for taking the time to nurture and develop my craft.

 Isn't she amazing and inspiring? To really get an in-depth look at Ashley's work visit here around the web. You can find her at: 

Instagram: @AshleyCanay 
Facebook: Ashley Canay Videography Photography