She's a BEAST. Sweet & Delicious with Dinitia B.

Can you tell by the title I'm in craving mode (lol?)

Hello Lovers, 
 I hope that everyone is well and enjoying so good September with me, when I reached out to this weeks spotlight (it's actually been a long time spotlight post) I immediately knew she would fit into this months theme. Dinitia, is a sweet young woman from Miami that I've known for a few years now via a mutual friend & relative. Over the past year or so she's been on my radar because of her amazing cake designs (which I hear are absolutely delicious!) Once you see her work you'll understand why I say... she's a BEAST. 

hmm: Hi Love, so lets get started how did your love for cake decorating come about?
DB:I've always had an interest in baking since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I remember watching my mom bake frequently when I was younger, and it eventually helped develop my passion for all things sweet.
Cake designs by Dinitia B.

hmm: Are you self taught or professionally trained?
DB: I am professionally trained. I attended Johnson & Wales University, where I studied Baking and Pastry Arts. In school, I took an introductory course on cake decorating. I then did a 3-month internship at a small bakery in Miami. That’s mostly where I learned to do more elaborate things like making 3-D figures. I also learned to decorate cookies and cake pops. Since then I’ve worked in 3 other bakeries, where I’ve learned new skills and techniques.


hmm: What inspires you to create? 
DB: I would have to say that my customers inspire me. I love to see my customer’s reaction to the cake that they ordered. It makes me extremely happy to know that they trust me enough to put together something special for themselves, a family member or friend. It’s truly an indescribable feeling. Knowing that I’m able to make their vision a reality is simply amazing.

hmm: What is your goal with your business?
DB: I’ve only been doing this professionally for 3 years, so I want to continue to focus on building a great reputation and a strong customer base. It’s rewarding when people love my services so much, that they refer their friends to me. I just want to keep improving and expanding.

hmm: What is the best piece of advice you've ever received? 
 DB: The best piece of advice I’ve ever received was to never give up on your passion.nWhen I first started college, I intended on pursuing a career in nursing. I wasted 2 years of school studying something that would make my family happy, not myself. Deep down, I knew what I wanted to do. I eventually dropped all of my classes and transferred to Johnson & Wales. I would’ve never known my potential in cake decorating, if I didn’t take this chance.

hmmI really love your advice, I wasn’t as brave as you to follow my heart and what I wanted to really do back in undergrad so it is commendable. You truly have a gift, so thank you for trusting yourself and going for it. 

See what happens when you follow your passion? Sometimes it is worth it to take a chance and just go for it, we don’t always need to know how it will turn out. 

Dinitia is located in the Miami, Florida area so if you’re interested in ordering a cake or have some ideas , you can reach out to Dinitia on Instagram @wandering_zombie.

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