She's a BEAST. The soulful yogi Mya

Hello Lovers thank you for reading and being with me.

      Kicking off so good September with the beautiful and sweet soul Mya. Last month, I had the pleasure of featuring the amazing yoga collective Be Dope. Do Yoga, and Mya is the founder and creator of the collective. I do hope you enjoy this spotlight as much as I have. Let’s get started.
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hmm:  My first question is always cliché but yet insightful, so who is Mya?
MC:  I am a soul dedicated to sharing light and good vibes. I am a yoga practitioner, an entrepreneur and a creative enthusiast.

hmm: What inspired you to start doing yoga and how long have you been practicing?
MC: I found myself in a yoga class with two friends as a new thing to try out about two years ago. I was so lost in life, questioning my spiritual connection and feeling empty. After class, I felt full. I felt lively and motivated. I once was curious to know my purpose in life. I've found yoga to be a guide to self-realization, self-acceptance and overall good health.
(photo courtesy of OMX Productions)

hmm: I get it, when I’m in practice I’m still that is the only place that I am in that moment opposed to every other moment when I am constantly being pulled in a million directions.

hmm: You already know how much I love Be Dope. Do Yoga, how did it begin? 
 MC: Hm, so I started teaching classes at Tampa Waterworks Park because I was continuously being asked to teach a class. It began as just, "Soul Yoga with Mya" then turned into "Be Dope. Do Yoga." after adding a few other instructors. My sistars, Viva and Dr. Chi both expressed interest in holding their own class. I thought it would be great to share a platform and rotate each week. Koko joined the team shortly after BDDY was created. I've been teaching at Tampa Waterworks Park for over a year and we're finally outgrowing the space; it's bittersweet.

hmm: What's your vision for your yoga practice? 
MC: Good question! Not sure how to answer this, actually. When I step on my mat, my vision for my practice is to look internally. Nothing externally matters while I'm in my practice. I aim to be so connected with the Earth, with my breath, with my body, and with the Divine that I'm able to reach my higher self, my highest potential.
(photo courtesy of OMX Productions)

hmm:What is some of the best advice you've ever received?
MC: Fear is inevitable. So instead of aiming to be fearless, we should invite Fear along the journey and learn to control fear. Fear can hold you back, if you allow it to influence your decisions. Embrace fear because it will make you stronger. 

hmm:  Aside from your yoga practice you also have an apparel line, can you tell me about that?
 MC: Yes! Meeyogi Apparel is a clothing line that was inspired by the desire to empower women. It started with feminine-cut t-shirts with affirmations and empowering slogans. I have hats, vests, pins, and I'm releasing yoga mats in a few days! 

hmm: Is there anything you'd like the readers to know, any hidden gems? 
 MC: I'd just like to mention the importance of building others up. We are here to love and serve one another. Be apart of the community spreading light and positivity.

     Thank you again to Mya for sharing her love and light, for reminding me that being a BEAST starts from deep within. Below is where you can find Mya, connect with her and join in her amazing soulful classes.

 Facebook: Mya Meeyogi, Meeyogi Apparel.
Instagram: @myameeyogi, @meeyogiapparel.
 Twitter: @myameeyogi.

And all of her class details are on her website: