The craziest shit ever. My experience using the Baby Foot peel.

Hey Everyone!
 I've definitely been missing you all, I've had a lot going on and wanted to bring you some different content this post made me really realize I need to start vlogging but that's another story. Enjoy! 

 As I start writing this its day #5 and my feet, look like the worse kind of sunburn you could ever imagine. What is this baby foot thing and why did I finally decide to do it, would I suggest it to anyone else? 

 Baby foot is a gel like chemical peel (via the manufactures website) "an innovative foot care product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby's foot. The unique formula of 17 types of natural extracts allow your feet to exfoliate naturally leaving them highly moisturized."

  I first heard about the mask working at a nail salon in Chicago, we were all skeptical and not brave enough to try it, then a client came in who had used the mask six days prior and her feet... It was the most disgusting thing I'd ever seen. Fast forward to now, I wear sandals a lot, I'm in Florida and I think I have pretty feet but I've noticed a lot of dry skin that I just can't get rid of. After my last pedicure the girl and I talked about the mask, she said she was getting ready to try it and thought it would be helpful to me. I thought about it then decided what the hell, why not?

    I ordered mine via Amazon it was a few dollars cheaper and I got free shipping, two days later it was in my mailbox. Now, I was excited to try it out, I watched videos and web pictures but believe me when I say it does not compare to what will happen to you.

The process, it's simple!
 -Place the provided booties on your feet, 

I did choose to put socks on over the booties to help keep the product in and secure. This was the simplest procedure ever, all I had to do was let these babies sit on for an hour and then rinse my feel with warm soapy water. 

That was really it! The product had a very nice lavender scent to it, but nothing happens immediately so it is like playing the waiting game. Below are my feet during the process, once the peel started it gradually became scary because I didn't think it would stop (my worse fear coming true.) 

One minute nothing, the next the peeling started. 

This was the worse of the peel, never ending and it the skin clogged my shower drain! It was not painful at all. 

My feet started looking normal, at this point the major peeling stopped and it looked like I had a sunburn on my feet. 

Here's the thing, I am a picker and during this process you cannot pick the skin off at one point I did try to peel it and felt resistance so I stopped in that same spot when I got in the shower it felt sensitive. DO NOT PICK! 
Questions I've gotten since the peel: 
Did it hurt? No. 
Were/Are my feet sensitive now? No. 
Did it work? YES! 
Would I recommend it? Yes. 
Would I do it again? Probably in six months yes. 

It's been about two weeks since the peel and I do notice a difference, I wouldn't say my feet were moisturized after the peel but the dead skin is gone. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions let me know, I can only give you answers based on my experience. 

Until next time,