She's a BEAST. So Flashy Photos.

 "You can see the joy in ones eyes when they're doing what they truly love." 

  I know you've seen that look before, when I met the beautiful smiling Rikki of So Flashy Photos I said to myself "she really loves her job." I would soon find out why. My Mom had invited me to a birthday party for one of her friends, the first thing we saw when walking in was the huge Photo Booth in the living room and of course I was excited. After we took a few strips of photos I started talking to the girls running the booth, only to find out the young woman with the huge smile OWNS IT! 
 I walked to the restroom and said to myself, she has to be featured, she has built this business and I'm proud of her! When I got back to her I told her about the blog and the "she's a BEAST" platform, I want people to know what So Flashy Photos is... she's sweet, personable and LOCAL! 

Owner of So Flashy Photos Rikki Rummel
HMM: So tell me about your Photo Booth?

RR: So Flashy Photos has been a journey but a fun one. So initially the PhotoBooth was expensive so I had to get someone to cosign on the loan and neither one of my parents would do it because they wanted me to focus on school so I called my grandmother crying and she seemed to believe in me. My grandma so generously sent me a check for the difference of the loan that I qualified for. I only qualified for half of the total cost and my grandma didn't want to cosign so it worked out.

HMM: I definitely know how it is to want to really do something and you've got to get creative, or ask anyone willingly to listen. 

HMM: Tell me about yourself and how did this business begin for you? 

RR: I am a college student majoring in Economics and a member of Tri Delta at the University of South Florida. At the time I was working 8 hour shifts for 9$/hr running drinks on the weekends. I felt like I had the potential to make more money in a shorter amount of time and enjoy doing it so that is exactly what I am doing now. Steve Jobs once said,"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." I now work for just a few hours a weekend and love every second of it. I love celebrating weddings and birthdays and special events with my clients! What more could I ask for?

HMM: It really seems like you've created the dream job for yourself, I really did get the feeling that you love every minute of your job. What has it been like so far for you? 

RR: It has been such a rewarding experience to build a website and design business cards with my name on it. My business comes with more responsibility but I love it! I get to hire my friends to work with me and that has to be the best part. I get to bond with my friends and they get to see what I do and get paid for it. My business is growing rapidly and after I pay off this booth it is possible that I will buy another one.

Rikki, you are amazing it was such a pleasure getting to know not only So Flashy Photos but you as well. Where can people contact you for hire, because doesn't everyone want a Photo Booth at their event? 

Contact info: 

Rikki Rummel

Flashy Photos 

   I think Rikki was so inspiring, she radiated a love for what she does and that is what intrigued me about her. Sometimes it really is as simple as doing what you love to do and just bringing it to life. Always keep going, stay inspired and motivated everyone needs a BEAST in their life. 

Until next time,