Connect With Me!

Hey Everyone!
 Can you guess what my favorite app is right now? SNAPCHAT!!!

I am so addicted, It's been one of those saving graces (LOL) you can catch me there with what I call my "Rhonda rants." It also has propelled my burning desire to get back into the Youtube world because as some know one of my younger dreams was (and still is) is to have my own talk show. Catch me there! 

 I also have my Podcast which many of you have checked out and have shared the link is at the top but here it is for easier access. The Podcast

And of course I am always working hard for my baby Soul Hippie, the store is making a name for itself and everyone is loving being Bold, Stylish & Free. Check it out here, shop & enjoy! Soul Hippie Love

Of course I am on Instagram & Facebook @HelloMsMitchell

I'm also working on a teeshirt campaign for this bomb statement tee shirt I had made. Stay tuned for more details on the campaign! 
I'll be back soon with more LOVE & Goodness!