Thriftaholic Haul Part 1.

Hey Lovers!

    I know it’s been forever since I’ve talked style on the blog, I wear black every single day so trying to spice it up is always a mission. I recently went on a couple unplanned thrifting spree’s and found a few pieces that have been daily staples in my wardrobe over the past month.  Here are my three key pieces right now. Enjoy! 

 The infamous sneaker wedges. Price $7.00
     I know I am on the late bus with these sneakers, it honestly took over a year for me to realize that I may slightly like them. One afternoon I knew I had a store credit at one of the consignment stores I shop in here in Tampa, so I went to hopefully spend the rest of it and be done.  I went over to the shoe section just to see if anything caught my eye and a pair of black sneaker wedges were there, of course they were my size and I knew the Universe was talking to me. I’ve never tried them on before and surprisingly they’re comfortable and I’ve been able to pair them with everything of course my favorite look with these are my ripped black jeans.

Next up…  The Ankle Boots. Price- $6.00

    I  feel like I need to let ya’ll know a few months ago I put up a status on Facebook, “ A woman that wears ankle boots screams I have my shit together, even if everything is in shambles.” So I have been on the hunt for the perfect ankle boot since. I was on the hunt for specific denim for my online store, Soul Hippie and while in one of my favorite thrift stores in Tampa, I ended up on the shoe isle (I really wasn’t looking for shoes.)  Well here I am, I look up and saw this woman grab a shoe, I looked and it was a cute black ankle boot AHHHHHHH!!! LOL, I immediately grab the second shoe to try it on but knew there was no way it would fit… wait IT DID!! Like, hello Universe really, a super cute black suede and did I add brand new boot it’s mine. The only thing was the lady still had the other shoe to the pair, luckily I politely asked her was she interested in the shoes because I’d been looking for ankle boots. She gave up the good (I’m really laughing as I replay me hunting the lady down for the shoe.)  What I like about ankle boots is the fact that they dress up any outfit and keep you comfy while out. My favorite look with these so far has been a pair of my denim cutoffs with a tee shirt, super simple yet stylish. 

Last up The Black Purse. Price- $6.00

            Probably my favorite thing I own right now, I’m a purse, bag junkie it’s a little known fact about me. Anytime I see a purse I like I do a five second talk myself out of it moment because I honestly have a bag for everything.. EVERYTHING. But, a causal black purse, with a fringed tassle (the merlot pom bought separately) like, of course I needed this purse! It looks like a simple black faux leather bag however it is detailed with a pretty pattern on the outside, it’s super spacious with five different pockets, super deep and ideal for a woman on the go like myself. Definitely one of the best finds I’ve ever found…. Well besides my vintage Gucci purse.

 See, black isn’t boring it’s definitely a great addition to any wardrobe choice and besides theres a famous quote "A person who wears black lives a creative life." -unknown  I will be back with a more bright and vibrant Part II of the Thriftaholic haul. Until then I'd love to know what are your Spring everyday style staple pieces? What trend are you currently feeling? 

until next time... 
Stay Bold, Stylish & Free,