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 Can I just first mention how special this feature is to me, it's not only a spotlight on two amazing women but a real reminder that I am surrounded by truly inspiring individuals. Okay, I'm ready to continue (LOL) How do you feel when you enter a room that has been transformed into a magical oasis? Or what about simply having dinner at a local restaurant but it feels like you've left town for the night? Lucky for you, you won't have to look to far for this feeling this week's she's a BEAST spotlight is on Tampa's biggest small business event planning company Royal Events and Services, and the only reason I said small is because it's ran by only two women.

     I was ecstatic for the ladies to be featured here, I've had the opportunity to assistant them on a couple of their events, it is truly a skilled production they are a constant positive force within my life so you know I had to share the goodness with all of you. Let's get into the interview and know more about RES as it's affectionately called and the women behind the magic.  

Meet the two forces behind Royal Events and Services, 
 Victoria Founder                                                         Ashanti Partner 

HMM:  It seems like you two were made for each other, how did they come together and what has it been like for the pair? 

 RESThis question makes me laugh because being partners is like having that sister you never wanted lol just kidding. No seriously, this business partnership has strengthened our friendship. We share the same goal, the same vision. Initially,  Victoria was partnered up with someone who also was passionate however life events became a struggle for her to juggle. Ashanti was initially a wedding consultant whom always proved that she was responsible and passionate! She immediately stepped forward, once the opportunity presented itself, and there was never a hitch. She has helped accelerate this company to the next level with her forward thinking mentality, her experience with event styling, as well as her positive attitude have played an integral role in the success of our company. We work well together but just like sisters, we sometimes have a difference of opinion however in the end, after major rebuttals, the person with the strongest case wins lol. 

HMMHow did Royal Events and Services come to be? 
RES: Royal Events and Services  started as a dream! Victoria (founder) was preparing for her wedding back in 2010. She didn’t quite find a company offering exactly what she envisioned. She decided to do everything herself. She hired a day of coordinator to set up/execute her vision. From this experience and shortly missing the thrill of wedding planning & event styling, Victoria established Royal Events & Services. In its infancy, RES provided wedding planning and stationary designs but as time progressed, we received exposure and proper training for floral design, we expanded our company in order to serve as a one stop shop to our clients.

photo courtesy of RES of an event

HMM: Was there one specific area you wanted to focus on with the business?  
RES:  We initially wanted to focus on the wedding industry however we found ourselves receiving numerous of event planning and styling needs. We also extending all of these same services to not only the Tampa Bay & surrounding areas, but we also establish a presence in Tallahassee/the Panhandle, North Florida (i.e. Jacksonville) , Central Florida (i.e. Orlando/surrounding areas), as well as South Florida (Ft Lauderdale/Miami).

   Now, everyone knows I love a good gem to be shared so of course I had to ask the ladies what's some of the best advice they've received so far as business owners? 

RES: “Templates do not work! Luxury is not template. It’s customized!”- Kathy Romero (CEO of Preston Bailey Enterprises).  This statement is so true. A Client’s wants and expectations all vary. Each client is unique and we as wedding professionals must continue to customize each client’s wants and desires and not put them in a box.
Another nugget we were provided recently: “Do not ever comprise your worth. Charge your worth." People will either pay for quality or go a cheaper route and ultimately have regrets. Can’t go back on your special day”-Vendor Friend. . Initially, we did struggle with this concept, more so because we are fearful of losing clients. Now, we get it. We understand. Never settle and never comprise.

HMM:  We are constantly growing and evolving as business women, so far what has been the biggest lesson you've learned thus far as business owners?  
RES: Answering this question honestly here, no filter;  just straight honesty. The biggest lesson we’ve learned thus far is to be aware and careful of whom you entrust with your brand and whom you allow in your inner circle. We’ve come to the realization that not everyone is loyal. Some people just take, and not reciprocate. We’ve learned the hard way. We love to work with motivated individuals who express their true intentions upfront. We definitely are okay with friendly competition as in this industry its about who you know and we have to act as a tribe and support one another. The lesson we’ve learned from this, however, is to just keep our eyes open and not be blind-sided again by disloyal “spectators.”

aerial view of the event venue done by RES 
Who said dinner parties had to be boring. An RES event. 

HMM:   What is something you'd like people to know about Royal Events and Services? 
RES:   We are truly passionate about what we do. We believe that’s why we are able to give 200% to each and every client. What many clients love about us is that we are completely honest, always willing and ready to provide our opinion, feedback, and recommendations. We are FUN & full of energy. The planning process should be FUN and stress-free! We strive to keep it that way!
We truly operate as a one stop shop to help our clients save money and consolidate on the amount of vendors they need to keep up with. We offer event planning services from the intricate details to the implementation and delivery of your vision.  Our mission is simple, all our events and services are planned to perfection with a golden touch.

    Didn't you enjoy this week's she's a BEAST spotlight feature, these two are two beaming rays of sunlight, they're refreshing and inspiring and here to change the entire event planning world one event at a time. We have to keep believing in our dreams as I see not only their clientele growing but the events getting grander and grander it is exciting, I always joke with them after an event and say "Now I have to go find a partner because I want to feel this magical for me!" Ladies, I love you and wish you all the best! 

  If you are in need of your magical dream being executed to more than you've ever thought it could be contact Royal Events and Services and bring it to life.
P: 813.737. 7186
IG: @royaleventsandservices

Facebook: Royal Events & Services, LLC.

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