She's a BEAST. Fit Girl Magic

    This week's She's a BEAST spotlight is dedicated to one of my so inspiring friends Deanna. This one is super special, not only because Deanna is beyond amazing but because something in me has shifted and I'm ready to live a healthier and fit lifestyle. There's something about the idea of being naked and loving my body that excites me (LOL!) Let's me Deanna and find out out her fitness journey began & why she definitely is a BEAST!

(Photo courtesy of Deanna) 

It wasn't magic but in fact a lot of hard work & dedication that transformed Deanna's life. It was the beginning of 2015 when we met up for coffee and for her to pick up a few Soul Hippie head wraps that I saw what dedication to a goal can do for you. It was 7am and she needed to be at her gym in the freezing cold Chicago winter by 8am for her workout. We talked briefly about how not only working out but how joining the gym ( changed her life in all aspects. Now, I've had the chance to catch up with Deanna as I am on my own Fit Girl Magic journey to ask how has it been for her, her advice & what keeps her motivated.

HMM: I think not only for myself but for others there's a constant battle to stay motivated, what has been your biggest motivating force? 

 Deanna: My motivation to get in shape was just reaching the point of being tired. I was tired of the bad food choices I was making, tired of feeling sluggish, and tired of not being as active as I knew I could be. I believe for a lot of people there comes a point (or several points) in life where you reach a breaking point and make up in your mind to do something about your situation. I stay on track with my fitness by consistently challenging myself and setting new goals, the most important thing I've learned in this journey is that you never stop growing. You never stop pushing yourself to get to the next level. It's truly a lifestyle change, and a new way of thinking about yourself and what you can achieve.

HMM:  I've recently committed myself to meal prep, at the time it seems time consuming but it makes my life so much easier during the week. Do you meal prep? Any tips and tricks?

Deanna:  Meal prep is so key to leading a fit life. Originally, I thought that after the bikini challenge I wouldn't have to do it anymore. But I couldn't have been more wrong! I do my meal prep every Saturday or Sunday now, constantly looking for healthy recipes to incorporate and new fruits and vegetables to try (my current favorite is star fruit!). Meal prep helps me make sure I'm eating with intention and not making poor, on-the-go choices. Life can get so busy, especially during the work week. So it's great to start a new week with one less thing to worry about, having all the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) already prepared. Plus, it helps ensure I'm not overeating, which was a big problem I've had previously.

HMM:  It does help with portion control I must say! 

HMM:  What is final advice or motivation can you give all the readers, who want to start the fitness journey but can't seem to stay on track? 

Deanna:  Finally, to anyone who's been struggling to lose weight or find the motivation to get started, I just want to offer an encouraging word. You have the power to do anything you set your mind to, we all do. Fitness isn't just about physical strength and endurance, it's totally a mental gym. Once you make up in your mind to make a change (a for real change), that's half the battle. The other vital part is community. It's so necessary to surround yourself around like-minded people who are striving for the same things you are. Do what you have to do to find the right community for you. 

(At the end of Deanna's body challenge with gym 360mbs)

 Thank you Deanna, for allowing me and us to be apart of your journey I am so inspired and motivated. If you're in Chicago, check out 360 Mind Body Soul 360mbs, I sure wish I knew about it when I lived there.

** Since writing this, I've began my meal prep weekly it really is a lifestyle adjustment and commitment. I'm currently trying to find the best workout routine that not only I enjoy but fits my busy schedule. If you're in Tampa, send me all of your fitness ideas, advice and secrets (I won't share!)

Stay Magical until next time,