What I do know. LOVE.

I'm a lover.
That's just what I do,
that's just who I am.

   What I've learned is not to compromise my needs, wants, desires to accommodate a lover. Call it
selfish, I call it being aware of my own self love. My lesson came through many trials of loving maybe the wrong person or maybe just at the wrong time. I've sacrificed myself deeply on the account of holding someone else's heart safer than my own, I've bended at the needs of a lover, unguarded my heart to prove my worthiness to a lover. I've been there and at times I feel myself wanting to give into the idea of love but knowing I've worked hard to self love and I don't need to settle.
  This love thing is tricky, we see potential instead of what it really is in hopes that over time our lover will come around and fill us up in all ways. Potential is somewhat of a set up, most times you've got to call it all for what it is. Call it selfish, I'll call it self love.

 So what I know for sure about this love thing, I don't need to compromise, I don't need to bend, I don't need to pray for anyone's potential. You can either love me whole or share your pieces with someone else. Instead of waiting for a lover to be everything you want, live in self love make sure you are whole enough to allow someone into your space and more importantly your heart.

Forever Loving,