Unapologetically Bitchy. Beyonce

  In case you were wondering what it means to "break the internet" Google Beyonce-Formation.

(photo courtesy of Beyonce's Instagram)

   At this point it's becoming a habit of Queen B's to just drop new music, without any warning, this time not only did she drop a new single but a very thought provoking video with it. That was Saturday night, across the Internet every line of her new song Formation was being quoted the most I've seen and give so much love to is the line which in the video features her daughter Blue Ivy "I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros." Of course WE (being the natural hair lovers) went crazy. She also reminded me of my mama "don't tell her what to do with her child's hair!" 
 Then came Superbowl Sunday, I was flying back from Las Vegas 40,000 feet up thankful that Southwest had TV and I waited for the halftime performance. She.. they.. Beyonce and her beautiful backup dancers came out and changed the game. Where is my black beret? Performance dominated, fist up a salute to the Black Panthers. 
 Honestly, so much has been said so many thoughts from everyone Are we empowered and moved? To me Beyonce walked through the door that so many have been knocking down, she's using her platform to be the difference to say "Act like you don't see us, but you do and you'll feel us." 

As we know this is only the beginning because what we do know is Beyonce announced her Formation World Tour and we are hoping she's dropping a new album to really Stop the World




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