The Frame Craze. My choice.

I was watching the Golden Globes and besides the gorgeous dresses the glasses caught my attention, oh is it cool now to wear glasses?

It's always been cool.

   I've been rocking my artsy cool clear frames for the past year, I was introduced to Coastal an online glasses company and wanted to try something new. I started getting the craving (yes craving) for a new eye catching pair of frames. I've been looking and nothing caught my attention until my coworker comes in with these bright blue frames and I'm like HEY! LOL! She told me that she ordered four pair from Zenni Optical, they were super cheap and super cute, all of what I like to hear. I tried on two of her four pair and they were okay but not what I wanted, then she comes in with these oversized clear and black speckled frames and I fell in LOVE.
I tried them on just to be sure it wasn't lust at first sight and it wasn't, I went home that night and ordered mine and after a week they were in my mailbox and I've been a new artsy cool ever since.

(Twins, you can also see how they fit on two different faces.) 

As always I'm going to give you my opinion and my experience.

  • They shipped super quick 
  • They are plastic (as stated) but mine were loose needed to be sized. 
  • I suggest getting the anti glare coating, it does make a difference.
Overall, I am super happy with my frames and will be ordering more. If you'd like to order the pair I have click here: My Frames