She's a BEAST. Luna of YBC

 (Luna the creator of Yellow Brick Chics)

Hey Lovers!
  Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself “who is that person,  I feel like I should know them?” I had that feeling sitting next to a beautiful woman with good energy late last year, we both were taking a business course at the Entreprenuerial Collaborative Center.
   After the class I introduced myself and she told me she was new to Tampa from Atlanta we agreed to meet up one night to talk more. A few weeks later we met up after work for drinks and just talked, it felt good being in space with someone who got IT, Luna gave me that familiarity of community I had been missing since leaving Chicago. We talked about our projects, goals and she even let me in on a secret a project she was launching called Yellow Brick Chics, at that time she was still working out the idea but now it is in full force as she has launched Yellow Brick Chics with a powerful, inspiring message Where the Mother-Musician Shines.”
(Photo courtesy of Luna) 

     I had to have Luna as a spotlight because if she's keeping me inspired and full of joy I want you to be connected with her and her movement too! One thing I've learned as a creative and in life is we can't do this thing alone, even if we love being in solitude every now and then we need a strong, inspiring and determined community to keep us filled and supported. So what is Yellow Brick Chics, in one of her emails she outlined the mission and what she plans to bring to the world of creative entrepreneurship.

As creatives, we all have our own Yellow Brick Road to travel, and on our paths we must symbolically encounter The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The Lion in order to find our way home - The True Self and Purpose. With Yellow Brick Chics, our focus is not only entrepreneurial and artist development, but we dive into the character development and the mind set shift that it takes to embody a lifestyle of abundance and success.

Motherhood brings a sense of success and fulfillment incomparable to any external measurement of achievement. However, we do recognize the challenges that musicians and creatives face when family life is factored into the grind. Finding ways to balance real life responsibilities with the creative mind is what makes YBC, as a platform, so relevant today. 

    Since the launch of Yellow Brick Chics, I've watched Luna make wave and for me here in Tampa it is so inspiring and motivating to have another creative not only helping others walk in their purpose but also living a life they truly love. She's definitely onto something and we want you to be apart of the movement so here's where you can find  and connect Luna and Yellow Brick Chicks:

FB, Twitter, IG, periscope: @luna_lotuslove 
Website: LunaLotusLove

I hope you enjoyed this week's She's a BEAST spotlight, be sure to share, love & connect.