Are you saving or playing?

I'm trying to save, travel & eat GOOD!

Hey Loves,
 As you all know I am always in the mood for a good saving, however even in my most thriftiest of days I can go a little overboard with spending. This year I made a vow I would do better with my money. I can't even count on both hands how many times I rattled off to my Mom "I'm not working to pay bills!" She would laugh and respond with the same sass "well I don't know where you're going to live and not pay bills!" Tuuuuhhhh I thought I would show her and figure it out, of course she was right because no matter where I go, there's always bills, bills, bills.

 Now being just a little smarter and way more realistic knowing that there is a certain lifestyle I want to live, just to be comfortable and be able to go and come as I please without worrying about every single penny. Late last year I was on one of my social media platforms and saw someone posting about a Digital savings account, this particular person (Hey Jia!) is a successful entrepreneur so with her mentioning this platform I decided to check it out. Rewind a few years ago, my cousin actually took a a vacation off of a digital savings account she had but I wasn't ready then to sign up. I'm ready now!!!!!

 So what is this magical digital savings? It's called Digit Click Here.

For some reason I wasn't super scared to sign up but I was very detailed with the research. After a few months and Digit really being beneficial I wanted to share it with you. Here's my review and if you'd like to start saving without thinking too much about it sign up by clicking the links! 

I've made it easy Here's how it works: Click Here

  • Pros- If you're like me "outta sight, outta mind" is the best method, if I don't have to think about manually transferring money or taking money out to "hide" it then this will be your best friend. 
  • I don't worry about them taking too much money out. 
  • They send a balance update via text every morning
  • I can withdraw money at anytime (although the idea is to save.) 
  • You can up your savings or decrease how much they take out at any time. 
  • Once you sign up you can refer friends and get $5 for every sign up once their first Digit deposit is made. 
  • Oh! There's no hidden fees!!!!!! 
Cons-...... Honestly you all, I have none. It has been a great savings tool for me these past few months. 

I'm excited to share this platform with you because I do believe we can all benefit from financial savings. If you're like me it's not easy but Digit has made it simple, so if you're interested in signing up Click here to start your account Click here to start saving money

Cheers to saving lots of money! 


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    1. Definitely, I need to update this post soon because it's really came in handy. Use the link if you do try it out. xo


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