What's in MY bag?

   Or should I say what's not in my bag, I feel like subconsciously I keep things with me in case of all the "What If's that may happen.

  • What if I get stuck somewhere?
  • What if I'm locked in an elevator?
  • What if I need a quick escape?
  • What if.... 
You know all the things that probably won't happen but, if they do I'm prepared. Here's a peak into my everyday purse situation and everything pictured is everything that's in it. 

My current book recommendation; Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
Journal #1 the teal one, life as I know it is in here. Journal #2 the small red one.. Just in case! 
2016 Planner- which has been substituted 
HelloMsMitchell mock up business card. 
Lotion... actually that bottle has been one drop from empty for a few weeks (no judging!) 
Pink glittered pouch- pens and markers
Neon green retro wallet- my makeup or lipstick holder
Coloring book! 

I do believe a bag can and does say a lot about you, including the bag itself which My Mom bought for me at Sears on Black Friday. It's been my favorite bag plus it's reversible!!

So how bold are you, what's in your bag?