Unapologetically Bitchy. CHOOSE YOU.

You know that taking care of yourself first because people want you to love them before you love yourself, the irony.

Sorry Not Sorry.

   2014 I turned 27, the year known to be of intuition and Saturn’s return. Leading up to my birthday I solicited advice from my trusted people, I needed to know what I was getting myself into. I’ve never had a problem hearing my intuition but listening to it was a different story until now. I remember the night of my birthday (which was great btw) I could feel things changing, and they did. Soon after people started changing, places started changing and then things, I was overwhelmed to put it lightly.
  I now know that it wasn’t any of those things changing but it was me , I didn’t know how to properly function through these changes. I tried explaining to friends how I was feeling and still to this day I feel like they thought I was crazy. I wasn’t. I was in need to take care of myself without feeling guilty, without all the extended explanation. I needed to be unapologetically bitchy.  

     There are moments, feelings and everything else that can’t be explained, sometimes you have to let people go through what they go through and hope that they’ve grown through it. I really needed friends to just trust me in this moment, be strong because I was weak. Nothing looked the same as it did the day before my birthday, 27 really did something to me, now I know it was something good.

 So I say to you reading this, CHOOSE YOU, LOVE YOU and be whatever you need to be at any given moment without holding guilt inside of you. You owe it to yourself to be free, the room to grow through this life that at times it's unrecognizable and fucking hard. Here’s your pass to be