What do I love most about thrifting?

 It must be the thrill, going piece by piece down the isles knowing that there's a gem somewhere in here. I've found some of the dopest vintage pieces, labeled bags (my navy blue Chanel bag is my favorite.)

 Thrifting is an escape for me, it's something that I am good at and something I love to do, I've had the task of thrifting for others which turned into me being a personal shopper! How bomb is that? My eye is for the bold pieces, the statement pieces that people over look thinking it's hideous and I'm like "Hell Yeah I'll take it!" Thrifting is where my true entrepreneurial lifestyle started, I created my store  Soul Hippie after walking the isle at work and being asked every day where I shopped. I thought "I'd buy pieces people love and sell them!" Since then with my love of thrifting I will be launching a separate thrift/vintage shop dedicated solely to resell. The motto will always remain the same "Be Bold. Be Stylish. Be Free." 

If you have any questions or ever want specific statement pieces, email me at 

Until next time,