Organization. The Happy Planner Life

    This isn't my first time using a planner, but it is my first time really trying to use it effectively. I've been shopping around for a fun planner asking a coworker about hers she first told me about the Eric Condren planner which are super cute, customizable and full of inspirational messages. Yet, I wasn't sure if I was really going to stick with planning my days out extensively so I wanted to go for a more cost efficient route being that the Eric Condren is priced at around $50.00. I saw the Happy Planner and my coworker also suggested getting it to start me off on my life planning journey. 

 Like any new thing you take it out of the packaging playing with it and then.... What next? I took the time to mark all important Birthday's, bill due dates, and other miscellaneous dates that I needed to remember. I even started buying some fun stickers!!!! So here I am into the last week of the Month and how do I feel about planning my life? I feel like my life needs more excitement! Lol! 
 I can absolutely see how people live by their planners it does become a go-to and live by staple. I think it is important to have something written down so you remember all the tiny details you'd forget otherwise. 
               (I got excited for February!) 

 What ways do you stay organized? Are you using a planner? Send me all of your suggestions and tips for effective planning. 

Until next time,