How do you really make this life work for you?

You believe in yourself, 
you remain consistent,
don't give up,
it always gets harder before it gets easier.

How many times do you hear these positive statements? If you're like me it's more than a few times a week, and if your even more like me you're always trying to find the positive in every single situation. How do we do this, this being the continuous believing in our dreams that isn't a trendy fad, our dreams that are beyond cool to us, the dreams that keep us up at night how do we put ourselves in the position for the world to fall in love with what we have loved before we knew what it really was? It's tricky. As I write this I'm knowing that someone will read this and ask the same questions. I want to give you the answers, I want to say this is the door if you keep walking it will open but you have to keep walking.
  That walking is the foundation you have built your dreams on, it is the true test of your hard work, it's the final chapter in this particular book you've been writing. Could this really be true? Could this be it?

Dear Reader,
 I don't know it all, I've been calling myself a creative entrepreneur aka the creative hustler for a few years now. Calling myself that because titles are empowering, or in my head they sound really good and if I'm lucky enough I can make them into something cool, a mug, a tee shirt, a bag. I'm actually trying to figure out how to screen print so I won't need a middle man, I have everything else I need, a phone, computer, wifi. I've got this... right? So how about I put it all out here, I don't hold back. My almost unfiltered thoughts, because I do have some type of morals not to spill all the beans.

Are you still with me?
 Can I call this year 2016 the year of "No what ifs?" since I do like titles. What if I did every thing I've been thinking of, dreaming of, what if I became a doer? Let's see how this will work out for me.

Here I (we) go.