The Midweek Thought. The last for 2015

 I've sent a newsletter out every week of 2015, it was a goal of mine that I kept close to my heart. My subscribers to the newsletters have become my friends, we've talked and shared thoughts, feelings and ideas. This last one I wanted to share with you, in hopes that you remember to never give up on anything you truly love or believe in and you Just keep going.


 I’m writing this sitting in a cabin located in Bryson City, North Carolina. I’m in the mountains and if I walk too far to the left I’d fall 2.275 feet to my unwanted death. This is my last Midweek Thought newsletter of 2015, I feel emotional, I feel somewhat overwhelmed. What do I tell you all, what is the big bang , I’ve said thank you a million times by now I’m sure you can feel my gratitude. What can I leave you with one last time for 2015, that I haven’t said before?
       My niece and I decided to follow the trail downward, who knew how far it would go we had to clinch our thighs just to keep a steady walk as the trail was crazy steep. We went all the way down which ended up winding up, there’s no shortcut back to our cabin or none worth finding so here we go.  Here’s some friendly advice don’t even underestimate the steepness of a mountain hill. Going back down then up so many thoughts ran through my mind including how, I need to work out more because I’m sure my thighs would appreciate it, my heart wouldn’t feel like it would explode out of my chest. The best thought though… Just keep going. In the short but long trail back to the cabin I kept saying this, my niece laughed, but I knew this moment was more than just trying to get back to the cabin without passing out on this trail. I knew this meant that no matter how long it may take you, how many stops you have to make, keep your goal in mind, keep going and before you know it you’ll be there. Your journey is about trusting yourself, believing in what is you want to do and most of all loving the life you live.  I had no idea what I would share with you this week of course I wanted it to be epic but I didn’t want it to be cliché. To you all, it has been a wonderful year with you, the 52 newsletters I’ve sent out have meant more to me than I knew they would. As I think about my goals for 2016, this newsletter is still in it my hope is to expand, build and spread self love and betterment with many more.
 So I leave you with one last time to Just keep going, if you’re ever in doubt remember you will always have me in your corner being your cheerleader. Please send me ideas, thoughts, goals for the New Year so I can build this newsletter.

Until next time, I’ll be writing to you in 2016 with LOVE,

p.s. Always remember…. Be Here. Be Now. Be in this Moment. 

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