Hello Sweet November

Goodness.. Hello Everyone!

   I've missed writing to you all so much, I wanted to pop in and fill you in and up with what I've had going on and where you can find me since my blogging has been way too minimal.

 First, I am now in school getting my Full Specialist license (WOOT WOOT) so far so Great! I've definitely been excited for this decision, I feel like it's a career that can take me to new heights that I didn't see before.

Second, The Fall/Winter or chilly Seasons are when I make most of my handmade products. I launched my second line of Soul Hippie crochet head wraps this season, I also added ear wraps and scarves. I love when I'm able to crochet, it's my time not only to create beautiful items but also to meditate. Here's the link to the store if you want to stay cozy and stylish this Season www.soulhippie.bigcartel.com

Third,  Due to my lack of blogging I still have so much to say but I'm not able to write and post too much so I finally created a podcast!!!! I have definitely been wanting to try out this platform for awhile and this was the perfect opportunity for me to do so. So far the feedback has been great, the podcast is as random as me but always real. As of now it's weekly with the hopes that it will grow and all of my pieces will come together. Here's the link to listen, subscribe and of course give me feedback! www.itshellomsmitchell.podomatic.com

  Let's see I think for the most part that sums up why I've been MIA  I am always thinking of new ways to be better and innovative ideas to engage and connect with you all. I will be back soon with some Fall Favorite reviews and what I think is hot right now. Thank you for always reading and checking in with me.

Until Next time stay Bold. Stylish & Free,