#TheAudacityofThrift. The Blue Choice.

"I think it's magical when an outfit comes together the exact way you envisioned it. Pure Magic."

Occasion: My Line Sisters Wedding
Original outfit idea? Chic with a hint of sexy.
Price Tag for the Royal Blue Dress: $1.07

   This wasn't the first or the second choice in what to wear to the wedding it was the Lucky #3. The entire look came together piece by piece and in turn was the all around favorite for everyone. Let's start at the top & work, down through the outfit.

My hair- This actually was the hardest part for me, I couldn't decide how I wanted to wear it & of course the day of the wedding I had the perfect fro but it was way too hot. So, I slicked it back and added a 10 inch wet & wavy pontytail  to it. WAAALAA!

The dress- Yes it really was only $1.07 I joke that God led me to the thrift store for me to find this dress. The color popped & I knew I could make it work (I didn't know the slits were so high on the side.)  The color is BOLD & the dress itself was super comfy.

Accessories. As you know by now I like Bold pieces and in my everyday look I love a good necklace. I picked up this brass necklace at Charlotte Russe, my earrings came from a thrift store a few years ago. My watch, a simple Target favorite.

Shoes. They are my favorite black chunky heels,  but once again not my first choice, I wanted to go with a closed toe pump for this look but to my luck I couldn't find my pair so I opted for my go to heels. They worked!!

I live by being BOLD and comfort. I think the two can compliment each other well. My tip is to think of a look you'd like to execute, start with one piece then build from there.

Cheers to being Bold. Stylish & Free.