Hey Everyone!
I'm back with details on my latest twist "The Remixed Moo Moo," I hope you enjoy & get inspired to turn some of your old clothes into new gems. 

Around this time last year I found a long what I thought “Indian Inspired” dress at one of my favorite thrift stores in Chicago. I wore it once not really liking the way it fit, the shape, the length it was all wrong but I held onto it. 

(This is the original dressed I purchased for under $5.00 at a local thrift store in Chicago.

Fast forward a year later through my moving I came across the dress since I now have a sewing machine decided this would be my first project. I wanted to simply shorten the dress and give it more of a tee shirt dress feel and I wanted to be comfortable.

This is what I did, because I am still learning my machine I had to resew the hem twice and it still needs work but I did it! I first paired the dress with my simple Fakenstocks (what I call my version of Birkenstock sandals,) then I threw on my red chucks which I wore in the original outfit. I loved both the sandals and sneakers paired with the dress, now that it’s shorter I am much more comfortable. Here is the updated REMIXED version

Can you tell I love it so much more, in the shorter version? What I love is that these dresses are so easy to find and worth up cycling.

Until next time with a good find.. Be Bold. Be Stylish. Be Free.