The Super Late & Simple Haircare Favs!

Hey Everyone!
This post has been long overdue like 4 years overdue! I just start and then I stop because I’m like “I don’t have a crazy hair routine, why document my process?” But, I do get asked often what are my products of choice and I love talking about them! So, here are the few but loyal products I use and I am crazy about!

The As I Am coconut cowash- This is like magic in a jar it mositurizes, removes product build up and I also use it when detangling. It is a cowash so it says you should wash it out but I find if I want a more defined curl I will use a small amount in my styling.

Cantu!!! I LOVE Cantu! Here’s the thing when I first went natural I tried Cantu products and they didn’t give me the outcome I wanted. Now, four years into my unrelaxed hair life Cantu has a few products I don’t think I would live without.

The Cantu curl defining moisturizer- UMMMMMMM Thank You!!! I actually stumbled upon this in the dollar store I picked it up and I’ve been crazy about it ever since. It’s gives my curls the bounce and “motivation” they need.

The Cantu curl defining cream- I prefer to use this product when I’m working with dry stretched hair and I want to twist and moisturize. It is creamy and for whatever reason I am not good at working creamy products through my hair.

The Pantene Pro V cowash (In the Brown Bottle LOL) This was another product that I used faithfully in the beginning of my natural hair days but it stopped working effectively for me. Recently, I needed a quick rejuventation and I think it was on sale so I grabbed a bottle and tried and listen, it has been restored back into my product line. It’s definitely a great cowash.

Eco Style Gel- THE ULTIMATE GO TO! It’s just an amazing gel. What I like most about it, I get a good hold on my hair without it being hard and crusty.

I do not use shampoo often because it does leave my hair feeling stripped but if I do, I really like Trader Joe’s tea tree shampoo & conditioner.

I don't have specific wash days I just go with the feeling of my hair, I've also had a myth in my head that dirty hair helps with growth (I know weird.) When detangling I make four sections, saturate the hair thoroughly usually with whatever conditioner or cowash I'm using and detangle with a medium size comb.

I like simple & effective! I hope that this has helped if you have any questions or product suggestions leave a comment below.

Until Next Time,