Kanye for President?

I'll take it!

 If you watched  the VMA’s last night I guarantee you weren’t watching for the host Miley Cyrus and if you were then I’m giving you a real side eye. Kanye was presented the Vanguard Award for his contribution to the music industry, his presenter was Taylor Swift his acceptance speech was anything but accepting.

“How many times did MTV replay that clip for ratings (Kanye referring to when he interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech back in 2009.) How many times did they mention she would be giving me this award for ratings?”

     I had the “Oh shit he’s about to go in,” look on my face. I was ready I knew he would or I expected him to unleash the truth. Then he stood there as if he was lost for words. I don’t think he was at a lost for words, I do feel like he had too many thoughts going through his mind at one time and couldn’t get them all out. I understand as this happens to me often. He stood there as if he could careless about receiving the award but trying to figure how to say all of the hype and the box that artists and creatives are in is bullshit. I appreciated it. 

   It goes beyond being famous even in regular people keep you where they want you to be, if you do your own thing in anyway it's a problem. I've always understood Kanye when he has this "fuck it I'm doing what I want" attitude because it's his life to live as he feels. He concluded by announcing his run for Presidency in 2020, I imagine what they would mean for society, the endless roads of creativity. Could you imagine a visionary such as Kanye West as President? Now, that would change history. 
(Photo courtesy of I-Feel-Me) 
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