7 on 7

I wanted to tell you all "Positivity and Passion" is the winner, but then I also wanted to tell you that "She's Unstoppable." How about I tell you about both?

      I hope that wherever you are reading this, you are in a good space mentally, emotionally and physically and if you're not then please receive my love that I'm sending out over the wave lengths. Positivity and Passion is the winner, I just finished reading the goodbye letter from blogger Nicole Bitchie, she's leaving the celebrity gossip world to follow her heart and path on what she's truly meant to do. It's commendable I must say to have a solid platform with a huge following and decide that this isn't right, this doesn't make me happy and I want to be happy. I remember having the same sentiments when blogger Angel from Concreteloop closed her site, well it was a bit of "Are you really serious and Wow she's brave!" Nonetheless, I understood what they both meant what they are in a continuous search for... Being the best Woman they can be! Which leads me to the second point...

She's Unstoppable! 

    Everyday I look around and realize how blessed I am to know so many amazing women, even those that I only "know" through social media but have been so generous and transparent with their stories. Unstoppable to me doesn't mean I won't fail it means that even if I fail (which what really is considered failing) I pick up those pieces and continue to build. I've kind of become addicted to blogcast also known as a podcast, the ones that inspire and uplift. I enjoy Jess Lively's site "adding a little intention to your day" and her amazing interviews www.jesslively.com. I think it's important to know that you are not alone on this journey so many of us are really out here grinding to be the best we can be. Yes that goes for all the amazing guys too! LOL

 Keep your positivity first, remain true to your passion and allow yourself to be UNSTOPPABLE!! 

Love, Peace & Light,