27 Lessons for Navigating 27

     I always become very nostalgic as my Birthday comes around, my self reflection goes into a deep spiral and this time I wanted to share a few of my thoughts for the year of 27. It has been a whirlwind of a year and even for the hard parts I am thankful. If you're heading into your year of 27 embrace all that this new year has to bring you, you'll come out wiser PROMISE! 

1. Be Brave. 
2. Trust Yourself. 
3. Intuition is real (backing up #2.) 
4. Love yourself. 
5. Be where you feel good. 
6. Be with who makes you feel good. 
7. Cry when you need to cry.
8. Remember "you'll be fine." ( a mantra coined by a really good friend) 
9. People will be people. Some will stay, many will go. It's okay. 
10. Be you & make no apologies. 
11. Allow yourself to rediscover who you really are. 
12. Go places outside of your comfort zone, meet new people. 
13. Impulse decisions are always "bad" decisions. (Remember your intuition.) 
14. Keep Loving yourself.
15. It never gets easier, you just learn to adjust. 
16. Reach out to those who you truly miss... Don't continue to miss them.
17. Speak Up! 
18. Be Passionate, Be Powerful. 
19. Be real with yourself, do a deep down soul check. 
20. Allow yourself to be loved in all ways. 
21. Protect your MAGIC. 
22. Don't compromise too much of yourself. (A little can be okay.) 
23. Say NO when you need to say no & don't feel bad about it. 
24. Always be grateful and give thanks even in the toughest of times. 
25. Know and keep your boundaries. 
26. Evaluate & Evolve. 

You've got this
xo- Rhonda