Thrifting so GOOD. Featuring Brittany Parrish

     Now, ya'll know I am a thriftaholic in all aspects and all forms of the word I LOVE to THRIFT! So know how excited I was to come across a dope vintage page on Instagram, ran and updated frequently by a stylish, beautiful young woman! I often give my views on thrifting, finds, and suggestions so I thought it would be fun to have another thrifting/vintage expert come by and tell us about herself the inspiration behind her thrifting and what is Reinvintyfresh? 

Who is the thrifting/vintage expert? Ms. Brittany Parrish

Shop: ReiNvintyFresh

Located in Dallas, TX

        What inspired me to begin thrifting was that I was tired of seeing girls wearing the same outfit as me. Growing up, my mother and grandmother thrifted so I was introduced to it at a young age. I use to shop at stores like Forever21, as alot of women do, and I would see someone wearing the same thing I had. One day, I told myself, I am going back to thrifting and wearing nothing but items from the thrift store. This way, I am almost guaranteed to never see someone wearing what I have. That was 3 years ago and have been doing it ever since

      I don't remember my first thrift store experience since it happened when I was child, but I do remember one time, I was in the 3rd grade, and I went thrifting with my mom. I was always allowed to pick out one item of the whole entire store to get. My go to was usually the toys or purses. I found this little red crossbody purse. I was in love with it. It always sticks out in my head when I think about how I started.

When I go thrifting and pick out items for my store, I always want it to embody what I and my brand are about. Colorful, one of a kind, rare, must have pieces! I am very selective with my choices and make sure it's something that you wouldn't see or get anywhere else. That rare awesome vintage!


I love thrifting because it gives me an outlet to my creativity. It challenges my style to think outside the box. I love being able to live through that time period the item came from and putting my own spin on it. I love that it feels like a treasure hunt every time you go in and you don't know what you will come out with. It's just an exciting experience every time!

My favorite places to thrift are Goodwill, Salvation Army, Thrift City. They always give me great finds. But I will go to any thrift store I pass.

What is something readers who are afraid of thrift stores should know?

I think readers should know that learning how to thrift does not always come as easy as I or other people who thrift make it seem. It's a skill developed over time. And patience  and a good eye is the key to it all.

I want all the readers to know that the vintyfresh brand also does style advising, personal shopping, rentals for photoshoots, and thrift consulting. ReiNvintyFresh is just the name of the resell store, but the brand itself is venturing out into different things, so be on the lookout!

Readers can find me on IG: vinty_fresh
the store's IG: reinvintyfresh

    I loved collaborating with Brittany for this interview, it's refreshing to know that someone gets "it" as I often say. Stop by her shop and follow her on IG, I promise she's onto something with taking thrifting & vintage to the next level! 

Until Next Time. 


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