She's a BEAST. Michelle Andrea

"Queen of all trades and mastering them all." I recently posted this on Instagram, we are now in a time when we don't have to limit ourselves to just doing one thing we can do it all and do it damn good! This weeks feature is near and dear to me, I've watched her grow & evolve into all that she is today and continue to watch closely at the moves she's making. I'm happy to have her for the spotlight enjoy getting to know Michelle, her passions and drive. 

1.) Who is Michelle? 

MA: Michelle Andrea is a woman on the go! Having the drive to accomplish so much in life keeps me busy and eagerly seeking to learn more. Michelle is a lover of family, God and all things pink and gold!

RM: I know you to be an event planner, Zumba instructor, hair stylist how did all of these come to be? How long have you been doing each?

MA: All of these things came to be out of me just having a love for each one of them. I have a degree in Event Management that’s where the planning comes in, I started doing Zumba because I missed dancing but wanted to work out more. Then, I decided to take a childhood hobby on full time and became a professional hair stylist specializing in textured hair.

RM: Do you enjoy one more than the other?

MA: Honestly, Event management and hair are neck in neck to me because they equally can have adrenaline filled challenges.

RM: How do you find balance?

MA: I'll admit, finding balance can be a challenge. But I've worked hard at keeping to a structured day. I have time blocks for all that I do when I'm not in the salon.

RM: You’re essentially an entrepreneur can you elaborate on how this has been? 

MA: Being an entrepreneur is tough work. Financially things can change when you're in the building stages but remaining faithful to your passion(s) and God is always most rewarding

RM: What's the best piece of advice you've been given?
MA: "Stick it out!"

RM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

MA: In five years, I plan to be in my own facility offering unique services.

RM: What have you learned from your experience as an entrepreneur? 

MA: I've learned that being my own boss isn't as easy as it at first seemed it would be. But being persistent and consistent to make it to where you'd like to be will help you get there.

RM: Any last thoughts you'd like to leave?

MA: It's never too late to reach your goals or start on your passion.

I am wishing Michelle all of the best, her visions have became her reality and that is admirable. If you're wondering where you can find Michelle, I've got you covered! 

   Booking: MindBody Connect
   Physically: 322 W Hillsorough Ave (Nail Gallery)


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