She's a BEAST. The Makeup Mavens!

        Is makeup an addiction? In the past couple of years it seems like the makeup industry has had a serious boom from clientele to makeup artists themselves. I don’t wear much makeup myself but as I scroll my timeline I can’t help wanting to be in the chair of a makeup professional. Luckily for me I happen to know a few amazing makeup artists and they let me in on their insight of the industry as well as some useful advice. Sara Boyd and Vonnie B both have been making waves with their flawless techniques, enjoy the dual interview with them both.

RM: I’ve always been curious as to what does the term “Face Beat” mean?

         SB:  First and foremost, everyone has this image in their mind about what being “beat” is. In my opinion you are beat if you actually took your time to perfect your look. From an everyday look, to a drag me all the way to the gods look.  That means your brows are visible, your foundation and/or powder matches you’re the rest of your body, a little mascara and a pop on the lips, then 9 times out of 10 you might be BEAT.

(MUA: Vonnie B.) 

(MUA: Sara Boyd)

So, who are these talented women behind the flawless looks?

Ms. Sara Boyd- Maryland/DMV

Ms. Vonnie B. – Miami, Florida

RM: Why has makeup become so popular within the last few years?

VB: That’s funny that you ask that question, because I feel I just woke up one day and everyone was a makeup artists. But I think makeup has become very popular over the past years because people think its easy and don’t know understand that it is a technique to it.

SB: I’m convinced that the whole entertainment industry and social media influenced almost everyone to become makeup savvy. Now all of the makeup artist are posting video’s to teach everyone how to achieve the red carpet looks.

RM: Is there an art to being a makeup artist?

SB: There is definitely an art to being a makeup artist! There’s more to being a makeup artist than understanding how to do a flawless application, or snatching some brows! It’s understanding that recreate anything you want. You should be able to give someone that red carpet look, be able to cover any scars with basic color theory, or even be able to give someone a look as if they are in dawn of the dead.

RM: For non-makeup wearers (like myself) what are some key products they should have?

SB: A great moisturizer my favorite one as of now is embryolisse, MAC In extreme dimension 3D mascara, and spiked.  

RM: Do you ladies have a favorite brand of makeup?

VB: laughs as she answers… This is tough because I don’t have a favorite brand for just one thing.  Like for brow filler Anastasia, lipstick MAC and NYX, highlighter Becca and MAC, Mascara Benefit Cosmetics and so forth.

SB: This has to be the hardest question! I can do a top 3. Makeup Forever, MAC, and Black Opal

RM: Is there a key to the perfect blend?

SB: The key to a perfect blend, is never giving up. LOL. It should never be a situation where you can see where one color stops, and another color begins. Patience with small circles with your brush, or pressing a product into the skin can do wonders with your blending.

VB: Yes, they key to the perfect blend is patience!

RM: What is your favorite type of makeup to do? (Weddings, Parties, photoshoots)
SB: Honestly, my favorite is weddings because they trust you enough to make them gorgeous on their big day. Brides always seem to be the most fun to work with especially when they have a big bridal party.

(MUA: Sara Boyd)

VB: I love doing photo shoots because it gives you room to be very creative and that’s what I love best, freedom and risks. I also love doing day-to-day makeup, which requires me to bring out your facial features and highlight on them so you can see yourself in another light. That compliment you get in the end, “I never knew I could look like this or feel so beautiful”, makes me love doing makeup.

(MUA: Vonnie B.)

            You know as women when we trust someone with how we look in most cases we also trust them with our personal business. When I asked Sara what has been one of the greatest lessons she's learned since being in the beauty industry? She said, One of the greatest lessons I have learned has to be that you never know what someone is going through. Some women honestly will pay you just to make them “feel” pretty again. I have gotten tears of joy, smiles, even hugs. In most cases someone is coming to you to enhance their beauty, but they are also putting their trust in you to make them look their best!”

Of course we have to leave with some true words of wisdom from our two Makeup Mavens! What advice can you two give aspiring makeup artists or anyone in general pursuing a goal?

SB: The best advice I would give is to never give up your passion. No matter how many people support you, just follow your dream. I know that’s super cliché BUT no one is going to believe in you any more than you believe in yourself. So if you give up, no one is going to take you serious.

VB: Patience and Confidence! You have to give yourself time to develop and in that process brand yourself. In this industry we expect to grow over night and it doesn’t work like that. It requires hard work and patience. Confidence is key because there are a lot of great makeup artists out there and you have to be confident in your work in order to go far in this industry. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t doubt your work. Don’t lose focus on your vision!

How refreshing to interview two amazing women, throughout this interview all I could think about was getting my makeup professionally done and following my passion! By following Sara & Vonnie B. on Instagram and now knowing some tips I feel like I am ready.

Wondering where you can book them if you’re in the Maryland/DMV area or Miami area? I’ve got you!

Vonnie B.- Email or phone 3134927437.