I used to want to be showered in balloons, flowers and maybe a special dinner or date on Valentines Day.
I had that, matter of fact my last Valentines Day I spent with a lover was the most extravagant day I've ever had. The balloons, flowers the romance had me engulfed. A few years later, I would have never thought that this would be just another day.
I want that showering every single day.

"Take a lover that looks at you like you're magic"-Frida Kahlo

This past year I realized how much my childhood has influenced the woman that I am. My parents raised me in a household of true genuine, unquestionable love....everyday and that is what I have grown to appreciate now as a Woman. 

It is true I still do love the balloons, flowers, cards and the sweet dates but I love them not just given on one day but on the days not staged or expected. 

If I can give you my love
I will
at no cost but for you to honor it at the highest of highs
and some days on the lowest of lows. 

Happy Lovers Day... today & everyday