she's a BEAST. Marie James

        I always have a story on how I came to know these amazing women I feature and this one is no different. The owner & creator of Marie James is my Soror and to be more specific my prophyte, we pledge the same chapter (Zeta Tau) of Delta Sigma Theta. Over the past three years she has been one of my greatest supporters of all of my ideas & creations and now the tables have turned and she has created a line of clutches that I absolutely love! My very first clutch I bought exceeded all expectations and as the year progressed so did she, find out more about the lady behind the growing empire. 

RM:  Who is Marie James?  
MJ:    Marie James is ME! Paying homage to my late grandparents Marie & James Fullington

(Owner of Marie James, pictured with one of her clutches.)

RM:  What inspired you to make clutches?
MJ:    I always knew I wanted to be making something. I made a list that included collars, earrings, & clutches. I tried all 3 in that order, and making clutches was the one that I enjoyed most. I just got that feeling from the 1st one I made, even though it was a hot mess.

(A few of the amazing clutches she has created)

RM: Are you self taught in sewing?
MJ: Yes, I'm self taught. On Nov. 7, 2013, I set a goal to not only learn how to make a clutch, but to have one sold by my bday on the 17th. I touched a sewing machine for the first time, and in 10 days my first clutch was sold! I plan to get formally taught in the future.

RM: What has been your biggest obstacle as a sb owner & how did you overcome it? 
MJ:   My biggest obstacle has been maintaining business, & family. I have a 2 yr old son, and  1 yr old daughter. Do to unforeseen circumstances we found ourselves homeless for 5 months in 2014. It took great faith, organization, and focus for my business to not miss a beat throughout that time. If your  passion doesn't push you when life gets hard, you should rethink it. Its been a beautiful struggle.

RM:  What is your 5 year Vision for Marie James?
MJ:   My 5 year vision for Marie James includes a brick and mortar store, and a mobile styling boutique.

RM: What is your greatest lesson learned so far?
MJ:  My greatest lesson learned is to not get offended by the lack of support from family, and peers. Everyone won't understand your vision.

RM: A piece of advice you would give other small business women?
MJ:"Love what you create" A quote taken from my Vision Board. Making handcrafted products, you have to love, and have a passion for each item made my you. It is easy to get discouraged starting out, not knowing the response you will get. Each shipment can be nerve wrecking. But if you "love what you create", & have a passion for what you do, your business will prosper.

  She truly is a BEAST, there's so much in store for Marie James, be sure to stop by her online store and follow on Facebook. 

Facebook: MarieJamesClutches 


  1. Love, love, love!!!!! Both of you are such a huge inspiration to us. Keep doing great things, xoxo.....


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