she's a Beast. Healing through words.

    While most of us are aware of our physical hunger, 
and are prompt to respond to the 
slightest longing for want of food, many of us forget to feed our spirits. This is due in part to the fact that it is generally very easy to buy food to feed our bodies, and we do so regularly, sometimes without even giving it much thought. It is also very easy for us to feel hunger as our bodies make sounds, become weak, and send all sorts of signals to us when they need nourishment. But what about our spirits? What about our souls? They grow hungry, too, yet they are usually neglected. We may hunger for beauty, for kindness, for positive input into our lives, yet never take the time or make the effort to feed our souls. 

Some people never really do anything for themselves on a spiritual level. They never spend time in nature, or even simply buy flowers, just to add beauty to their lives. They would never give themselves an hour of complete silence to try to still the voices and thoughts in their heads that keep them tense and wired. Nor would they make the time to take a hot bubble bath in order to calm   themselves and allow themselves to relax. 

When we are thirsty, we drink; when hungry, we eat. But when our spirits hunger for something, we neglect it--thus neglecting the core of who we are. What kind of long-term effect does such neglect have on us? I am feel that when we take our spirits for granted, and we do not feed them, our lives most definitely suffer for that. 

Our souls need tending to. And even if you are unsure of what that may be, a warm bath or beautiful flowers could not hurt at all. Some time to yourself in a peaceful, silent spot just might be the nourishment that your soul needs. When you feed your body, feed you spirit also, and you will find that the attention you give to your spirit will be attention well placed. 

Take a moment today to discover what your soul craves. 

-Remember to breathe