she's a BEAST... Kelly Reed's Boutique

   A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I wanted to join him at a Sip & Shop for a cute boutique, I'm always excited to support a small business and also see what is happening here in Tampa. Greeted at the door by one of the boutique owners Rasha Kelly, we immediately hit it off, we started talking about being a small business owner & how this boutique came to be I felt like I knew them and I hadn't even seen one item!
   In the beautiful home I met the second piece to Kelly Reed's, Monique who was running around with a client picking out statement pieces. The setup of the space was cute & chic for the Sip & Shop as I looked through all of the clothes one thing that stuck out was the quality, I thought to myself "The ladies have something here!" We talked about the brand, clothes and what they wanted out of owning a boutique, when I found out they launched in October that was my stamp of "she's a BEAST." These two ladies are dynamic & ambitious and I am rooting hard for them not only because they are from the hometown but also because they've let love & passion guide them on their journey.

(Owners Monique Reed & Rasha Kelly) 

RM: Who is Kelly Reed? 

KR: Kelly Reed's is the fashion vision of two friends, Rasha Kelly and Monique Reed, who have a love of fashion. 

RM:What is it like working with your best friend? 

KR: We enjoy working together. We both bring different ideas to the table. We sometimes disagree, but we have a friend contract to ensure above all we remain friends! 

RM: What inspired the launch of the boutique? 

MR:We have always been into fashion. I love finding great pieces and wearing them in different ways. Rasha hates shopping because it's always hard to find great quality pieces for the woman with curves. Due to limited plus size stores in the area, she would have to start shopping for an outfit months in advance. Especially if she needed to find a show stopper or a specific color.  I shared my vision of owning a boutique with my best friend and she informed me she had the same vision!!! We talked in more detail about our visions and decided to merge our visions to create Kelly Reed's Boutique. 

(Co Owner Rasha Kelly looking fabulous in signature Kelly Reed's Boutique apparel) 

RM: What has it been like since launching your boutique in October?

KR: It's been amazing! We have had so much support from friends and family. We met some great people. Our social life has definitely increased since we are getting our name out. The best part is the SHOPPING!!! 

RM: Has there been a "great lesson" moment?

KR:One greatest lesson we've learned is patience. It's not going to happen overnight. 

(Co Owner Monique Reed rocking a cool chic Kelly Reed's statement piece.)

RM: What is the five-year vision for Kelly Reed's Boutique? 

KR: We would love to have a brick & mortar! We would also like to have exclusive designers at Kelly Reed's! 

RM: Best piece of business advice you could give the readers? 

KR:We talked and researched and talked and researched... At some point you have to just do it. If you have passion for something and you can share that passion with others...JUST DO IT! 

This feature was a pleasure, Monique & Rasha you two definitely epitomize "she's a BEAST" I'm looking forward to hearing about all of your successes to come. I encourage you all to visit their site the pieces they carry are amazing & of quality (ya'll know I LOVE quality-unique pieces.)
Here's where you can find them and get in contact:


Instagram: @kellyreedsb