"People are loyal to consistency, in all things."-Me

     Since the release of #GIRLBOSS I've been hearing that is it is a must read, and IT IS! I went to Barnes & Nobles this afternoon, grabbed the book and before I knew it I was at chapter 10. Reading Sophia's story about the rise of her empire Nasty Gal (a multi million dollar company that started as Nasty Gal Vintage on eBay) made me not only think about my next phase in life but my own business Soul Hippie. I launched Soul Hippie in a similar way that Sophia did Nasty Gal Vintage, I wanted to sell quality items that people loved to see me in but hated the thought of thrifting let alone the actual act of going to a thrift store and sifting through hundreds of clothes. Reading this book I realized that in a way I had let myself and one of my passions go because it wasn't doing what I thought it should do or in other words making an instant monetary gain for me. 
      I launched Soul Hippie in the Summer of 2012, I remember the feeling of pressing post as I announced I now had this online store it was a freeing feeling & it was mine. Over the past two years I've let Soul Hippie change and develop into more than just an online thrift-vintage store. I now know that because I didn't keep that initial free feeling it's held me back. #GIRLBOSS reinforced the idea of doing what I love through passion & love, that is what people will love and what people will continue to support. I am a firm believer that when people know that you love what you do they will love it, even if they don't get it right out of the gate. 
     One thing I really appreciate from Sophia is the fact that when she started with Nasty Gal Vintage it wasn't about the money, she did it because it was something she loved to do. For me that has always been a big thing "doing things with passion not for the money" yet, in thinking this I fell short in believing this because items weren't selling but bills still have to be paid. There was a reason that I hadn't read this book before today and it was because I wasn't ready, I am now back in my free feeling space with Soul Hippie I wanted to say now back "madly in love with" but I've never stopped loving Soul Hippie and the reasons behind why I first launched my store. 
  Out of everything I believe that when you are passionate and consistent about your vision it will work in your favor, allow your ideas time to manifest & have patience but never stop working towards your thing. For me my thing is Soul Hippie, as I write this I am also thinking of models for my clothing, how to expand the site & also the brand. I will relaunch quality thrifted-vintage items back onto my site in the new year, it's amazing how the love for something true comes full circle. 

If you haven't read Sophia Amoruso's book #GIRLBOSS & you are in that moment of needing a true solid push it's definitely a must read! 

Stop by Soul Hippie & check out the store, I'm excited for additions that will be coming.