a love without question... FAMILY.

I think it’s amazing the way life’s lessons as a child find their way back into your present adult life. I’ve been experiencing these moments for awhile now, and most of all with these moments becoming more and more thankful for my family.

     I needed to be home, the overwhelming feeling to just be near my family started drowning me. The feeling was fair I haven’t been home since January and I am very much a family girl.

(written from Tampa)
    Here I am back home and I feel safe, comforted by the familiar feeling of love being here brings. It was everything I knew it would be. Yet, it makes me think of the feeling I’ve been feeling back in Chicago of being so much to so many people that it is their expectation of me to be all of that and more.

Yet, my family seems to more so respect my boundaries of needing space, although it doesn’t feel like it at times I think they do. I do miss being in such a close distance of them but I do know that in order for me to grow and flourish distance is what I need. I feel as though I can be a better me being away.
At this moment I feel centered. I’ve thinking about careers more these past few days consulting or something. Most recent, as this morning thinking of building a strong presence via my blog on hazing. (As I wrote this I found out one of my favorite high school peers was convicted of manslaughter for hazing, my thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me on this topic.)

As I am back in Chicago, I do wish some moments I could blink and be near my family. One thing I have realized is that life has created an extended family for me here, I am surrounded by some of the most amazing people and they get "IT." Although, there is nothing like my core people the ones I am confident in (even the magical people not here in Chicago) the ones that genuine care for my well being to those I am thankful. 

When I thought of writing about my family, it was thought specific to the love that they give me. I am certainly a unique individual and they love every piece of me without question. I was writing to remind myself of the genuine love I do have in my life, a love without question yet in writing this it opened me up to so much more.
More to share, more to come!