Thrifting so GOOD!

“Women who wear all black live a creative life.”

       Recently I’ve been committing myself to wearing all black besides my necklace which always is a statement piece or my chucks. Although, I do like feeling like a rebel child some days I have to throw on a really good pop of color. Two of my most recent statement pieces have been my pink capri jumper accented with gold buttons and my Queen dress. It’s a royal blue dress that when I spotted it I knew I would be a modern day Indian Queen (I think as boldly as my clothes.)

            The best part is… both of these outfits cost me less than$10 together and the statement they make is priceless. For most people that know me back in 2012 I launched an online store “Soul Hippie” I would thoroughly shop thrift stores for quality yet unique items. Although, I ventured away from selling items my love for thrifting still is intense and now that I am planted in Chicago I’ve had the chance to venture out and explore.
 So, the question is "where did I find these pieces?" Village Discount!!!! They are all over the Chicago area, I've been to four of them and my favorite is the one in Roscoe Village (2043 W. Roscoe St.) I remember two of my friends warning me about the massive amount of clothes and I would need to have patience and indeed they were right! 

 If you have any favorite thrift stores let me know!!