Reset & Recharge.

The inner battle with oneself has to be the hardest battle of them all. It's not about the world, what other people think, their perception or opinions it has all to do with you. Life has been shifting for me since 08.01 my favorite day of the year, my birthday. When I say shifting first it was people, old friends seemed to be distant and new friends being full of wisdom & truth. Now, it's places... the places I frequent are changing drastically and I'm just in this whirlwind.

 It's hard not to feel alone, the loneliest feeling is being surrounded by people and your thoughts take over and emotions get the best of you. The battle of my inner self is knowing that sunshine is on my horizon, that if I trust myself enough to really believe I've got me then this life is mine for everything I want it to be. On the opposing side is this feeling of being trapped, am I being forced to feel this? No, but see passion is what drives me, loyalty is what keeps me and love is what sustains me.

 I'm always curious to know how people deal with things, the good and the bad that are on this scale. One isn't outweighing the other in this moment both are just sitting waiting for you to make a move in either direction.

Home is calling me, just for a moment to be near the familiarity of love to sleep in my bed and hope my Mommy makes a delicious meal.. Oh! & the sweet tea too! Reset & Recharge I need this smile I wear so boldly not to be a mask of so many complex emotions.

If you'd like to share, tell me how do you deal with the whirlwind of the world?