365 Days of Chicago....

Those stars that you wish on, believe in them….

     A year ago today I sat in Tampa International Airport with love and fear battling for my heart all I could ask myself was “What the hell are you doing?” I held back a flood of tears as I read “How to steal like an artist” I was completely uncomfortable and not knowing what I was getting myself into. Yet, the entire time I knew my decision to finally leave home wasn’t a coincidence it was time to live out my purpose.

 As the plane descended into Chicago I could feel the weather changing “Hello Fall.. Hello Chicago… Hello Home.” Trampling around O’Hare with two big ass suitcases, a bag, purse and emotions going nuts I looked up and two of my favorite girls were there. Rae & Keisha the two reasons I was introduced to the city and the reasons why I fell in love even more.

 I had no game plan (a year later it’s looking better) as to what I was coming to Chicago for, all I knew was I wanted to LIVE, I wanted to be in a place I felt like I belonged.

Dear Rae,
You looked out for me beyond words, kept me and extended your heart and home to me.. For that and more I am forever grateful….

 Now, as smooth as I wanted it to be it wasn’t. Listen, when your heart tells you to do something like really do something you just don’t ignore it you DO IT!! I spent a couple of weeks being a real life explorer, all up and through the city. At some point I realized I have to explore my ass to getting a job and that I wasn’t thrilled about. I didn’t come here for school, for love (with a person) or a job, I simply came to live and thrive what I did know is that I didn’t want to settle for a paycheck.

      Those stars I wished on back in Florida, for days to be filled with an abundance of love, support, truth and amazing things to do… My wishes came true in tenfold. Over the year I have met the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life, wise and strong full of power and MAGIC!! I often say that I am “surrounded” here and by that I mean by love and support in a way I’ve never had it in such a large amount. 

       I recently turned 27 and since that day I feel the growth and life changing around and with me. I can honestly say that over the past year I wouldn’t change anything from sleeping on a couch for six months to climbing through mounds of snow. This has been such a fruitful 365 days of my life, I am still in awe that a year it has been my friend always asks why am I shocked that I’m still here? The answer is simple, I never thought I would find a place with that I feel truly at peace in. A few things I've learned and had to pay close attention to:
  1. Boundaries- They are crucial in order to maintain, & really at some point you know certain people are meant to be in your life you just have keep them in their own place. 
  2. Magic is real- The people I've grown to love and admire here, they radiate light and love. It's real!  
  3. The Power of "BE"- Be here, Be Present, Be Now. This word, has kept me sane and going on some tough days. 

      This one life we're given is truly what we make of it, I am looking forward to this next year. I made a promise to myself to give myself all and more that I’ve been given to everyone else. At some point it’s time to support myself and be proud of myself.  

For more pictures throughout the year follow me on Instagram @hellomsmitchell 

Love, Light & Sprinkles of Magic,


  1. Everything about your spirit touches me! So glad I have someone like you on my timeline and in my life to keep me motivated!! Keep living with purpose and all will fall into place!! Love ya Ms. Mitchell!!!


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