The year was 1987.


 Life is happening, transitions are moving and magic is being made. Do people wonder what this magic is I speak of? Maybe, or maybe the people that don't wonder have the magic that keep me fueled. 
 I'll be 27 in a few days and I can honestly say this since being 16, I am overwhelmed for this new year. Of course there's a celebration in order but it's not just for me I'm sharing it with something bigger than me. This past year has been so good to me I've moved, began planting myself where I need to be with who I need to be with. I've exceeded my own expectations of myself while allowing room for transformation. 
 Life just feels good, blissful everything I've dreamed of and imagined. It's bigger than me and some say they are only a reflection of what I give off. No matter if you're near or far celebrate this New Year with me. 

Love & Sunshine.