she's a BEAST.... Nicole Melanie Davis

      Or as I like to call her the “Truffle QUEEN” the growing empire that Nicole has created “Mindful Indulgences: Organic Vegan Artisan Chocolate Truffles” they are just as delicious as the name. Nicole credits my first brunch I hosted back in March, as the push for her to create and sell her truffles.  She brought to the brunch this beautiful present. Inside this container was a variety of what looked like chocolate but with some well known additions sprinkled on top and in the middle. As we indulged in our brunch these truffles made way for the perfect dessert, and the beginning of her empire.
 Nicole at the first she's a BEAST brunch with the Infamous truffles

      The following week Nicole had set up her social media pages, business cards and this fire within herself truffles are truly her thing.  There has not been a moment since March that anytime I see Nicole she doesn’t have a few truffle packages with her, anytime I talk or text her she’s in a meeting locking in new clients. She is the epitome of  “she’s a BEAST” I couldn’t be more proud of Nicole, her hustle and her drive. When I asked her if she had a goal in mind when she started selling her truffles her simple yet intent reply to me was “I’m not going to put a limit on this because the sky is the limit.”

Yes, they are as good as they look! 

Nicole, knowing this is just the beginning is inspiring in itself. We are so proud of you keep the truffles coming!!

Be sure to follow her business pages, and do yourself a favor and get some truffles!!