Today was especially hard, she told me that she hated saying "Happy Mothers Day" and in fact she doesn't even like the day. She misses her mama, and I miss mine. My mama told me that. 
 See, I'm flourishing and I knew I had to move away to spread my wings.. to grow and really grow up. I had to do what I had to do and that meant packing my suitcase, and a few FaceTime calls away from her... sacrifice, I suppose. 
 Guilt trippen like shit, that I couldn't be there today to give her a hug to love on her because she misses her mama and I don't want to miss mine. I think about the days that pass and I feel the moments that have passed, the days are going and we are just living. 
 Deep down it keeps me going because she knows I'm going, I'm in a happy moment. She may not get it but, she gets me.