Bra-less & Classy

Can the two go hand in hand? Compliment each other? I think so, this comes after last night's Met Gala was held and all of the beautiful women took their time on the red carpet to show off their gowns. Rihanna showed up and showed it, there is no surprise on my end that Rihanna was draped in a sleek white two piece and that she was braless. This isn't the first time Rihanna has came out and her breast were perked and perfect, just a couple of weeks ago she was at a NBA game in a white tank... braless. Maybe, this time was different because she's at a high class event?

I've been reading comments giving her credit for looking so beautiful yet, it's met with she should have worn a bra! 

A bra for what? For who? Is it the gown she chose, because I can guarantee that Beyonce didn't wear  a bra either or about 50% of the women in attendance last night for that matter.  It is no secret I've talked about getting a breast reduction in order to just be free. Bra's are restricting, uncomfortbale and obviously Rihanna doesn't need one for any type of support. I can't help but to think those that have an issue with being braless wish to be able to be just as free?