Believe Me, being gay is NOT a topic.

     Nor is it a secret, when asked or in conversation I will talk about my love for women. Of course, to most people I don’t come off as their perceived idea of a lesbian so then they become curious with their 101 questions. Whatever. I also, don’t get offended by people’s judgments or opinions because everyone is entitled. Whatever.

 In my years of being in this world, one thing I have learned is that people are curious, they want to know. From how you have sex, to the openness of your relationship and how you are treated. So when I read derogatory slurs, I first roll my eyes, then I’m like really does someone person preference REALLY affect your life?

 I’ve been around men who come off so homophobic, that I really started to believe they were interested in men and this act was just that an act. Men are (in my opinion) way more judgmental about sexuality than women, earlier when I said I don’t get offended by people’s opinions that doesn’t mean my feathers aren’t ruffled.
   People fear what they don’t know, or what they can’t define for themselves, or get… that I can understand but what I don’t get is why comment? People feel the need to be validated by social media “like’s” and virtual friends. HA, please! Why did I say it’s not a topic? Because it’s not, loving a woman has never been a choice for me it is a feeling. This is one of the main reasons I haven’t written about it in detail. Until now (well later) I am not ashamed of who I love, who I am, I am open. Truthfully, it is a topic to most people for whatever reason and I've had to realize it, and keep it moving.
I have this platform to talk about different things, and most things that make up me. Whether it’s places I go, events, or who I date. Love is a huge part of my me, being open with my sexuality (I also stay away from labels) I’ve had my share of negativity, rejections and hurt and people should know. I’m a believer in “once you are informed, you can’t say you never knew.” 

**I believe this will be a series of writings, surrounded in sexuality & love**